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11.14 km

2 folding seats 1 middle seat

Shaun - Ottawa

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26.8 km

Extremely durable canoe. Lightweight and sturdy!

Kent - Ottawa
5.74 km

keep you dog safe on the water

Elisabeth - Ottawa
5.74 km

keep your pets safe!

Elisabeth - Ottawa
13.23 km

relax in style and comfort

Andre - Ottawa
13.64 km

Great kayak for child or small adult

Tammy - Ottawa
7.05 km

SCott Burke Fiberglass paddleboard

Daniel - Nepean
11.14 km

Surf the waves on this bad boy!

Capital - Ottawa
16.18 km

Fast and stable

Nick - Ottawa
16.18 km

Pelican kayak for a great day on the water

Nick - Ottawa
72.04 km

Seating two, enjoy a cruise down the river

Jeanie - Perth
72.04 km

Cruise down the water in style

Jeanie - Perth
16.2 km

Great new 17’ abs canoe with paddles and pfds for your next adventure.

John - Ottawa
13.95 km

Enjoy your summer weekends with these beautiful kayaks

Gordon - Orleans
13.75 km

Red fiberglass canoe

Stephen - Ottawa
32.77 km

this lightweight canoe to make your camping trip a breeze!

Martin - Russell