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Margarita Glass 12 oz (Rented 16 to a Flat)

Please check similar items available in your area.

25.19 mi

Margarita Machine Double Barrel

serve a variety of blended ice beverages to your guests

59.61 mi

Margarator Specialty Blender

great for hanging out by the pool.

5.32 mi

Stemless Champagne Glasses

simple and elegantly designed stemless clear glass

5.32 mi

Bormioli Rocco Wine Glasses

enhance your drinking and wine tasting experience

11.56 mi

Midcentury Modern Gold plus Silver ice bucket

chic ice bucket to pair with your old fashioned glass

11.56 mi

Gold Leaf Drink Caddy

this will add a festive feel to dinner parties.

5.32 mi

Plum Glass Goblets, 12 oz

vintage embossed design that adds charm to any table

21.24 mi

Mobile Horse Trailer Saloon

this traditional bar unit will transform your bar.

5.32 mi

Mismatched Glassware

unique mix in rare patterns of beauty

11.56 mi

Vintage Pitcher Lot

perfect for formal entertaining and any special event

17.7 mi

Punch bowls lucite

dazzle your loved ones at your next get-together

11.56 mi

Vintage Decanter Bundle

this is a bundle of any 4 decanters you'd like!

11.56 mi

The Big Mama bowl set

it will elevate the fancy level of any party.

17.7 mi

Tray- round 12″ to 20″

ideal for bars, restaurants and events

11.56 mi

Tulip Petite Punch Bowl

a lovely companion to any larger punch bowls.

17.7 mi

Wine short

ideal wine glass for your personal drinking preferences

17.7 mi

Wine tall

designed with excellence and sophistication in mind

17.7 mi

Fluted champagne short

an elegant range of champagne flutes

11.56 mi

Antique Gold Serving Utensil Small Lot

this is ideal use at buffets, catered events, & parties

11.56 mi

Antique Silver Serving Utensil Lot

this utensils set was built to last in your busy event.

11.56 mi

Antique Gold Serving Utensil Large Lot

adds an interesting look to your serving display.

17.7 mi

Utensils (stainless & plastic)

the perfect finishing touch for your table

5.32 mi

Mepra Vintage Oro Gold Flatware

5.32 mi

Gold Plated Teaspoons

5.32 mi

Gold Plated Teaspoons (fork)

18.84 mi

Beverage Drink Cooler 5 Gallon

maintains ice for 3 days at 90 degrees