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platter, 15"x10" wave, white porcelain

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18.84 mi

Silver Charger Plate

stainless steel w/ electroplated silver finish

Instant Booking

14.27 mi

White Serving Tray 14”x10”

Instant Booking

6.72 mi


Unique item

18.84 mi

White Soup Bowl

add a little flair to your table setting

18.84 mi

10.75'' White Dinner Plate

ideal for casual or formal dining.

17.7 mi

Dinner 12″ white plate

offers superior flexibility and comfort in use

17.7 mi

Salad 6’ white plate

it’s perfect for salad, sandwiches, pizza and more

17.7 mi

Dessert 6″ white plate

great for buffets,catering operations and more.

18.84 mi

White Charger Plate

lightweight & durable construction

18.84 mi

7.75" White Salad/Dessert Plate

classic style lets the food do the talking

18.84 mi

Coffee Mug and Saucer

an overture of grace and simplicity

17.7 mi

Dessert 6″ sliver trim plate

6.14 mi

Terrazzo Bowl

embedded marble chips create the colorful speckled look

17.7 mi

Salad 6″ sliver trim plate