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watercraft rentals - Ottawa, ON showing 17-32 of 123

82.19 km

EX Waverunner

have fun while running the wave!

52.45 km

minijet watercraft

Better than a Seadoo this side by side of the water

8.3 km

Inflatable 2 person kayak

Great new 2 person inflatable kayak

0.53 km

paddle board surfboard longboard center fin

durable and solid to use.

6.5 km

Airhead – Complete Folding Anchor System

Designed for small boats, PWC, inflatables and canoes

15.76 km

Life Jacket

have fun in the water with safety in mind.

0.53 km

kayak seat

an incomparable support and comfort for kayaking, canoeing, drifting and rafting.

6.5 km

Cressi – Premium Swim Goggles

Best for recreational, fitness and open water swimming

0.53 km

paddleboard paddle

this vertical paddle will bring you endless fun.

6.5 km

Pelican – Poseidon Fishing Kayak Paddle

Great paddle with a longer shaft for wider kayaks too

0.53 km

water skis

easy to balance

6.5 km

Floating Lounger

The ultimate pool float!

6.5 km

Airhead – Deluxe 84" Kayak Paddle

Great paddle for hitting the water with any style kayak

6.5 km

Kelsyus - Floating Lounger

Enjoy the sun and water while relaxing on this chair

6.5 km

Rocontrip - Diving Snorkel Full Face Mask

An innovative design 2-in-1 mask and snorkel combo

6.5 km

Cressi – Palau Snorkeling Short Fins

Specifically designed for swimming and snorkelling