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The Ruckify concept is brand new, so naturally you’ve got questions about how it works. We want to make it as easy as possible to use our platform, but we want it to be as safe as possible, too! That said, please take a look below, and you will discover not only how Ruckify operates, but also important information regarding insurance, how we keep everyone safe, how payments are handled, and items that are not allowed on the platform.

Don’t feel like reading that much, or can’t find the answer you’re looking for? No problem! Feel free to use the contact form below, or reach out to us via the chatbox, and we would be happy to answer any additional questions you might have.

how does Ruckify work

Ruckify is an online rental marketplace built on trust, honesty, and a strongpassion for rentals. We want to help the environment by allowing people to rent things instead of buying them, which in turn will lead to less manufacturing, less waste, and the overall lowering of our society’s carbon footprint.

We know that the rental industry can be confusing and intimidating, so that’s why we’ve created a safe, easy platform wherein community members have the opportunity to operate their own rental businesses without all the hassle. We also know that there are items that people need from time-to-time that you simply can’t rent anywhere, so we thought why not create a platform that allows people to rent anything and everything they could ever need.

Ruckify connects our verified members for free so that they may book items or spaces from one another. We allow you to set an item or space’s availability, instantly book an item/space, or perform an availability check, which asks the poster if the item/space is available during the timeframe they have selected. You then choose if you want the item to be delivered or if you’d like to go pick it up, and then pay at least 50% of the booking total via credit card. That payment confirms and reserves the booking, and Ruckify holds the funds until the booking period has ended.

looking: Want to rent something? Look for it on the Ruckify marketplace! On the Ruckify app, you can complete your rental booking directly with the person who posted the item. If you’re using the website the Ruckify team will receive your request and secure the asset/space you want. YOU don’t pay extra for insurance (it is included in the price, should the poster choose to opt into it), but if the poster chooses to take a deposit instead Ruckify holds the money until the asset is returned to its rightful owner.

posting: Want to post something? Submit your request to post an item for rent! Ruckify takes 10% of the transaction fee and sends you the remainder via e-transfer once the asset is back in your hands. You have the choice between insurance, deposit, or nothing, however we strongly urge you to insure your item. Insurance is calculated based on the value of your asset and will be included in the rental fee of your item. Not sure what to price your item at? Ask the Ruckify team or check other marketplace items!

is Ruckify safe?

We are proud to offer a safe & trustworthy platform upon which our members can network and post/book items.

when you create your account, we will verify your information using a third party company. we verify your name, date of birth, address, email address, phone number, and credit card information. (we only expose last names and relevant addresses to either party once the booking has been confirmed and paid for) the Ruckify team also monitors our users’ behaviour, postings, and reviews on the platform, and will remove any members who go against our values.And don’t worry, we won’t be using your information for anything other than making sure you are who you say you are.

what is restricted to post?

Through Ruckify, you are able to look for and post almost anything that you own. However, there are a few restricted items. if we see anyone trying to post any of these items, the posting will be rejected.


Restricted items:

  • firearms
  • narcotic paraphernalia
  • illegal items
  • counterfeit items
  • knives or swords
  • items that infringe on copyright laws
  • pornography/sex paraphernalia
  • anything that promotes illegal activity

If you are found posting any of the above listed items, Ruckify reserves the right to deactivate the posting, suspend or ban your account, and pursue legal action.

top Ruckify questions

Ruckify is free to download, sign up for, and post on.


platform service fee:

in order to provide a safe platform, community support, and marketing, we charge the poster a 10% platform service fee on any successful booking.



if the category and area that you’re posting in are eligible for insurance, you will have an option to select insurance at the end of the posting process. the estimated cost to insure for theft, liability, and damage will be displayed once the insurable value has been added. the typical cost for insurance is 10% of the booking rate, but is subject to review. you will also have the option to opt-out of insurance, ask for a security deposit, or select no protection at all.



Ruckify charges tax on the platform service fee when required by local law, and any taxes charged will be noted on the invoice. the poster also has the ability/option to charge tax if required, and their tax number will be displayed on the invoice.


10 million tree program:

For every successful sign up and transaction a tree will be planted, which will eventually lead us to our goal of 10 million.


how does instant booking work?

Instant booking allows Ruckify to completely manage the availability of your items/spaces by keeping track of when they are—or are not—available, so that a community member who is looking to book them can instantly add them to their cart and pay for them (as long as they’re available, of course).


how does the availability check work?

this option adds an extra step to the booking process by giving the poster more control over when the item/space can be booked. they must accept, deny, or suggest alternative dates every time another community member is looking to book that item or space.


what about delivery?

each poster is given the option when posting an item to offer delivery and/or have the poster pick it up/return it.

the poster can set the available hours, maximum travel distance, and how they want to charge for the service.

the handoff options are listed at the bottom of an item’s showcase.


how can i get my posting to show up first?

we do not offer the option to pay to promote or rank postings because Ruckify feels that a relevant and fair experience is key to everyone’s success.

rankings are based on 3 key factors: quality of reviews, amount of successful bookings, and amount of items utilizing the instant booking feature.

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