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Build a Thriving Side-Hustle with Ruckify

The sharing economy is set to value $355 billion in the next four years, and this is your chance to get ahead. By starting a side-hustle and posting on Ruckify you can reach thousands of people in your community.


Why Ruckify?

Be your own boss.
Work from home.
Choose your schedule.
Tools and 24/7 support.
No need for a fancy degree.
No upfront investment.
Customer Success
You and your Renters always have support with our customer success team available on chat at all times of the day. When you start a side-hustle with Ruckify, you become a part of the team.
Availability Check
Approve bookings as they come in or set up instant booking where Renters don’t need to wait for your approval before paying for it (this can increase your chance of bookings by 300%).
Nap Mode
Going away for a weekend? Put your RuckifyStore on nap mode so no one books items for when you’re away, or do the same for those times when you want to use the item rather than rent it out.


Your dashboard will help you determine what’s performing well, what needs improvement, and what you can do to maximize your side-hustle’s success. Your dashboard enables you to track store views, total revenue, bookings, and postings.


While every Ruckify member goes through a security check, we still want to keep your items safe. Opt-in for coverage for up to $50k or set up a security deposit for different items.

Room For Advancement

Make money by sharing. Every time someone signs-up with your code you could get a cut. You can earn $10 when they make their first rental or get 10% of their first rental within the first month of them being on Ruckify. Find yours here.
Provide meaningful reviews about Ruckify’s marketplace and we could share your store, feature you in a blog, or feature you in a high production video. The possibilities are endless because your success is our success.⁠ Learn more.
Start offering delivery on your items to earn a few extra bucks on every booking. Even sign on as a RuckifyExpress driver and deliver items for other people’s booking, get paid a flat rate or by distance.

So, Where Is The Proof?

Meet Sabine

Well, meet Sabine. After being laid off from her job as a flight attendant she started her very own RuckifyStore, posting various items she had lying around her home.

She’s Not The Only One

Seems easy enough right? Well, in 90 days Sabine managed to rack up a grand total of $10k.
You read that right, and she had found another full-time job, so this RuckifyStore was only a part-time hobby she did on the side. A ten thousand dollar hobby that she did on the side.