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  New users will get $35 RuckBucks and be entered to win $250 RuckBucks when you post three items!

What Past Attendees

Have To Say

"I thought rentals only included items that you had a lot of, didn’t realize so many people would rent something as simple as a sewing machine, or my old tennis racket."
Jeff - Austin TX
"The concept of Ruckify is a fantastic idea! I got my first booking a few days after the webinar and I couldn’t be happier with the process."
Adrianna - Toronto ON
"Great webinar, great host, great idea, I came for Joe Mimran and stayed for the opportunity!"
Quinton - Denver CO
What You Will Learn

About Ruckify

Start the ultimate side-hustle and start earning money from home, without having to spend it. By finding items in your home you could be renting them out and making up to $200 weekly with endless turnover.


  • How to make an independent income.
  • Posting on Ruckify
  • How to insure your items
  • How to price your rentals
  • The sharing economy
  • The Ruckify marketplace

Tune in to our webinar to learn all about how to make Ruckify your new side-hustle and all the tips and tricks to separate you from the rest.

Meet Our Special Guest

Bruce Linton

Bruce Linton is an experienced entrepreneur, investor, and business leader. Notably, throughout his career, Bruce has been responsible for the acquisition and/or disposition of nearly $4 billion in business assets and has established regular engagement with the World Bank and Asia Development bank.

Currently, he holds the positions of Executive chairman for Gage Cannabis Co., Co-Chairman for Martello Technologies Group, Co-Founder of Ruckify, Executive Chairman for Wolverine Partners Corp. He is also a Director with MindMed and an active investor with Slang Worldwide Inc., and OG DNA Genetics Inc.