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Learn How to Create A Side-Hustle At No Cost

With the world changing and the economy shifting, rentals will become a big part of society because not only does it help people save money, but through Ruckify, it helps people earn money. The average person has over 200,000 items in their home, and we are going to teach you how to turn some of those idle items into income. Join us for our free live webinar and learn how to create your own side-hustle with Ruckify (that won’t cost you a thing) 

You will also receive the following just for attending: 

$25 in RuckBucks

Free bonus content

The opportunity to get a custom logo created for your RuckifyStore

You will be entered for the chance to win an iPad that you can post in your store for people to rent. 

“I generated $700 monthly recurring revenue renting out 8 items in the first 17 days of my RuckifyStore being open. This is while working a full time job on quarantine with a pregnant wife and 3 kids in my house.”

– Andrew O’Brien

It's free to post

Not only is it free to post your items on Ruckify, but it is free to create your own RuckifyStore as well!

Insure your items

You can choose to insure your items or collect a deposit, which offers another level of protection.

Touchless delivery

RuckifyExpress can deliver and pick-up your item(s) to/from the renter to help ensure health and safety.

Help your community

People in your community might be in great need of specific rental items or simply wish to try a new activity!

Earn money

Instead of an item sitting idle 80% of the time, you can put it to work and earn money instead.

Start a side-hustle

You can create a side-business from the comfort of your own home by posting things you already own.