The Future of Small Business

Prepare your business for the future with Ruckify. Not only will your customers be given access via our mobile app, but also through our curbside delivery system. Give your customers the opportunity to try before they buy. With Ruckify, your local business can now be found on an app.


Why Ruckify?


Additional Revenue

Have an existing small business and wish to explore additional revenue streams? Consider renting out your extra supplies, or merchandise on Ruckify. 

Innovation at Your Fingertips

Opening up your small business to the Ruckify marketplace will make you extra cash and shape you into a sustainably affordable business.

Grow Your Network

Posting on Ruckify helps your small business gain more exposure for your items while additionally opening you up to new potential customers.

Customers Try Before They Buy

Posting your item on Ruckify gives your customers the opportunity to try things out before they buy it. Make your sales easier and reduce returns.

Your Very Own RuckifyStore

Add your store name, branding, and logo, select your categories, and you’re good to go! Create your RuckifyStore today to future proof your business.



A Custom Dashboard

You’re given access to a dashboard that you can use to gather insights on your store’s performance. These insights allow you to learn about your click rate, item views, and store traffic. 

Insure Your Items

Ruckify gives you the option to insure your items that are rented through the platform; covering loss, damage, and theft up to the value of $50,000 USD. 

RuckifyExpress, Get Your Items Delivered

RuckifyExpress connects you with Drivers to facilitate the exchange and delivery of rental items. As an Owner, you can also choose to offer a delivery option for your item, adding an additional way for you to make money.