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Personalize your RuckifyStore for Free

You now have a free online storefront that can be accessed on a desktop or through our app. Complete with your name, logo, description, incorporated checkout process, reviews, and easy posting you essentially have all the tools of an online store for free. Showcase your glowing reviews, and easily post items. Chat directly with your potential Renters to answer questions and provide your top quality customer service.
This gives you more than typical marketplaces, this is more than just a profile on a website but your own personalized toolkit for success.
Make the Ruckify experience memorable for your rental community and they’ll come back for more. Upload your custom logo and header, choose a catchy name, write a fun description and get those rentals rolling in!
You’re in charge of your RuckifyStore. Select your feature categories and items, and track visits and views through your dashboard. Rentals need a little boost? Reorganize and shake it up!
Ruckify’s chat feature connects you directly with your Ruckify community so you won’t miss the opportunity to address questions and book rentals. Consider it real-time market research: the more you know about your renters’ needs, the more you’ll be able to rent.
Beat the Competition
In a typical online marketplace, you post into a depersonalized mass of users keeping their eyes out for specific items. Your RuckifyStore gives you more than just a profile; you get a personalized storefront where you set the prices and call the shots.

The RuckifyStore Experience

More than just a profile, your RuckifyStore is a customized portal that connects you directly to the no-buy rental community.

Make It Yours

Personalize your RuckifyStore with your store name, logo, custom categories and more.

Instant Booking

Increase your rental success rate by as much as 300% with instant booking. You’ll spend less time approving every rental request, and more time posting your stuff for cash. Or lounging by the pool!

Spread the Word

Share your RuckifyStore on social media and boost rentals! Join one of Ruckify’s exclusive Rent Anything Groups on Facebook and get the full community experience.


With the analytics at your fingertips you can fine-tune your store for success. Your RuckifyStore dashboard lets you track store views, total revenue, bookings, postings and more.

Connect Directly With Renters

Other online rental marketplaces act as the middleman; Ruckify is a matchmaker bringing business directly to your inbox. You benefit from our platform and support tools, and at the end of the day Ruckify takes only 10% of each booking.
Rack Up Reviews
Positive reviews yield more rentals. Maximize your rate of return by providing quality service and keep your Ruckify community coming back for more.
Score Tree Points
Ruckify plants a tree for every successful transaction and for every review you get. Boom: Tree Points! Your Tree Points let everyone see your positive environmental impact. It only takes 25 tree points to achieve carbon neutrality for a whole year!
Your Ruckify Customer Success team is here to help 24/7.

Build Your Own Side-Hustle

The no-buy sharing economy will reach $355 Billion by 2025. Start your Ruckify Side Hustle today and get in on the action! By posting your seldom-used stuff you can reach thousands of people in your community instantly and make thousands of extra dollars a year.

Prepare Your Small Business for the Future

Your small business has a new sustainable revenue stream hidden in plain sight. Don’t miss the opportunity to add to your bottom line by renting out assets, merchandise, space and tools you already own. Ruckify: the world’s #1 rental marketplace.

Grow Your Existing Rental Business

Whether you do sports and recreation rentals, big order event rentals, or heavy-duty equipment rentals, Ruckify instantly connects you to thousands of potential renters in your area and adds the proposition of sustainability to your brand at a time when environmental impact is affecting consumer choices like never before.
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