Boost Your Rental Business With Ruckify

Every rental business can earn more with Ruckify. Whether you do sports and recreation rentals, big order event rentals, or heavy-duty equipment rentals, Ruckify instantly connects you to thousands of potential renters in your area, and adds the proposition of sustainability to your brand at a time when environmental impact is affecting consumer choices like never before.

Grow Your Business With Ruckify


Go Touchless

With Ruckify every aspect of the rental experience can be managed online, keeping your staff and customers safe. RuckifyExpress can even handle the delivery!

Connect Directly to Renters

Run your shop as you always have using Ruckify as a tool for expansion and outreach. Other online rental marketplaces act as the middleman; Ruckify is a matchmaker. You benefit from our platform and support tools, and at the end of the day Ruckify takes only 10% of each booking.

Easy Onboarding

Creating your custom-branded RuckifyStore is simple and fast. If you have any questions at all our Customer Success team is available 24/7 to guide you to… well, success!


You might not have the full variety every customer is looking for, but Ruckify does! Use the Ruckify marketplace to streamline your customers’ experience, and you can still cash out on the transaction using your referral code.

Referral Program

Extend Ruckify discounts and incentives to your customers to boost rentals. Every time a Ruckify member rents using your referral code, Ruckify pays you $10 minimum cash back!

Competitive Advantage

Your free and easy RuckifyStore supercharges your existing rental business. The sharing economy will reach $355 Billion by 2025. Step into the future and get a jump on the competition!

No Double Bookings

Ruckify’s Availability Check feature allows you to manage requests in real time so you’ll never charge a customer for an item you don’t have in stock.

Never Turn Down a Rental

Low on inventory this week? Don’t say no, point your renters to Ruckify and maintain customer loyalty. Bonus: you get $10 per referral! Same goes for delivery: if your whole fleet’s out, rely on RuckifyExpress to keep things running smooth.
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Ruckify Profiles

Meet Jodi. Jodi owns Paddlefit, a popular paddle board business that’s been providing watercraft instruction for over eight years. When the Covid hit, Jodi saw his sales drop 70%. Facing the worst, he took a chance and decided to use Ruckify to open up a rental dimension of his business, expand his company’s customer reach and boost revenue.
As soon as Paddlefit joined the Ruckify community, Jodi began profiting from all the benefits of the marketplace. In a few months Paddlefit earned $15,000 just from renting paddle boards, and Jodi was able to start planning the company’s future instead of planning to shut it down.
“It’s a simple no-cost startup” Jodi says, “As a small business, you now have the resources of Ruckify. You have an intro website with your inventory, you have a web presence, it’s a simple no-cost startup. You can start with one item or 30 items, it’s on your terms. Partnering with Ruckify enables you to grow your own business. The Referral Program allows more users to experience your products through Ruckify.”
Jodi is now able to offer new customers $35 off their rentals through the Ruckify referral program, while also offering the option of a no-touch rental experience by streamlining his entire business through the trusted Ruckify marketplace. As an onsite rental partner, he also takes advantage of the Ruckify Rent Everywhere program—yet another revenue stream for Paddlefit.
Ruckify has been such a game-changer for Jodi, he plans to create additional new businesses based on the same model. He says “Because of the success of the summer and the ease of use for the platform, I will be pivoting to winter experiences through my new business XTASKI!”