An Extension Of Your Rental Business

We help with every kind of rental business, like onsite sports and recreation rentals, big order event rentals, and even heavy-duty equipment rentals.

Why Ruckify?


Go Touchless

Ruckify lets you offer a touchless experience when it’s needed most. Have all your rentals done online, from payment to insurance you can make sure your staff and customers stay safe at a distance while still enjoying the rental.

Connect With The Renter

Ruckify is different from other rental marketplaces because we act more like a matchmaker than a middle man. We connect you right to your Renters, so you know your quality service is always provided, but don’t worry, our support team is always there to lend a hand.

Easy Onboarding

We offer a state-of-the-art onboarding experience for you and your team. We are here to help you succeed every step of the way, and we know your company is unique, that’s why every onboarding experience is tailored to your specific rentals.


Offer customers a solution for renting niche items, if you don’t have the wide variety they are looking for, offer up the Ruckify marketplace, and give your referral code, so you can still cash out on the transaction. That way, they can make all their rentals in one marketplace.

The Referral Program

Offer your customers discounts on us. Through our referral program, you can have people sign-up with your code and earn $35 free RuckBucks that you can market as a discount on your rental items, don’t worry, the $35 is on us. In addition to this, when someone signs up and rents with your referral code, we will give you 10% of the booking back, with a minimum of $10 in real money.

A Competitive Edge

The sharing economy is the future, and we want you right on the front lines. Joining Ruckify’s rent anything marketplace puts you ahead of the competition. Not only are you getting a free and seamless online booking platform, but you are connecting to a new community of people looking to rent from you.

No Double Booking

Don’t worry about double booking, with our availability check feature you can sort through requests to make sure you’re not running out of supply before you make payment.

Never Turn A Renter Away

If you are low on rental items for a popular week, don’t turn down Renters, instead, point them to Ruckify, or use it yourself to source all the extra items you need so all your customers can get what they come for. The same goes for delivery, if your standard delivery service is totally booked, RuckifyExpress can help you out.
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Proven Success

Jodi from Paddlefit incorporated Ruckify into his paddle board rental company and experienced a stream of benefits from the marketplace. He was able to offer new customers $35 off their rentals through our referral program, while also providing a no-touch rental experience by streamlining his entire business through the Ruckify marketplace.
As an onsite rental partner, he could also take advantage of our Rent Everywhere program which continues to bring in more traffic to his rental business.