the possibilities are endless!

what the heck is a proSt‍‍‍ore‍‍‍?‍‍‍

Do you love music or fishing? Do you own a wedding boutique or equipment rental business? Then the new proStore feature is for you! Turn your myStore into a proStore by posting over 10 items and/or spaces! But upgrading to a proStore you unlock the customization feature, which allows you to upload your own logo and cover photo.

Our user friendly app allows a fresh and easy-to-use platform. Customers can easily find what they are looking for, book what they need and pay all with the touch of a button! Not only does the Ruckify app handle insurance, verify all users and is customizable so it can match your brand, but Ruckify plants a tree on your behalf for every transaction that goes through the app.

turn your passion into ‍‍‍a business…

We all have our hobbies, and how great would it be if we can turn our hobbies into a business? With Ruckify, you can create your own side hustle by posting “things” essential to your passion up for rent!

Are you a photography buff? Post that extra camera, lenses, lights and even your studio space! Are you music savy? Post that nice, tuned guitar and old record player up on your proStore. Not only will it connect you to people who love the same things you do, but it will also earn you some extra cash.

earn more, work less…‍‍‍

Are you a business owner who is wondering how to leverage the proStore model? There are a few things you can do to use the Ruckify platform to your advantage! Not only will it allow you to connect with potential customers and help you bring in more leads, but it will also give you an opportunity to try out the rental industry.

Are you a retail store that is selling quality bikes? Why not rent a few of those out so people can pay to give it a try before they buy?! Are you a landscaper who has lots of extra equipment sitting around? Why not rent it out so you can earn more and work less?

the new way to rent…

Ruckify offers quality rental software that is simple for both the proStore user and potential customers. The platform allows people who are close by, or who search for your business, to find you i‍‍‍n seconds. From there they can view everything you have available for rent, easily inquire about availability, view all the item’s specs, book and pay all through the app!

You can easily add products, information, terms of use, instructions, media, available dates and pretty much everything you need to put your item out there in the best way!