Insurance Policy

Coverage Policy


“Insurance” means the insurance policy underwritten by Northbridge General Insurance Corporation.

“Ruckify Protection” means Ruckify’s policy in respect of claims valued at less than $5,000CDN.


Insurance and Ruckify Protection is available to Posters (not Renters).

In order for your Item(s) to be eligible for Insurance coverage or Ruckify Protection, you must not fall under any category or statement under the Exclusion Policy. You must also follow our Eligible Policy and Claim process.

  • The claim must be submitted within 48 hours of the booking’ end date & time
  • The booking must have been paid for in full and organized through Ruckify
  • The claim is not due to negligence or not following a regular or recommended maintenance schedule
  • Proof is provided of the claim with time stamps to be valid
  • Must follow the deductibles
  • Must pay for the insurance upon paying for the booking or agree to pay from the booking payout amount
  • Insurable value is up to $50,000.00

Be sure to limit the chances of having to submit a claim by performing inspections of your item(s) both before and after the booking in front of the other member. Double check all electrical and mechanical functions of your item and document with a video recording.


If your Item falls into the exclusions category, it will not be covered by our insurance partners or Ruckify Protection. Please read the list below:

  • Firearms, swords, knives
  • Illegal items
  • Drones, aircraft
  • Bounce houses, trampolines, inflatable devices
  • Watercraft over 8 meters
  • Expendable items (light bulbs, batteries, etc.)

Any claim arising from the Poster’s negligence or failure to conduct reasonable maintenance will not be covered. Any Item that is booked outside of the Ruckify platform will not be eligible for Insurance coverage or Ruckify Protection. In cases where the Poster was dishonest regarding their Item’s value, Ruckify reserves the right to deny the claim associated with that item.

A person may be excluded from the Ruckify Protection or Insurance coverage if that person falls under the statements below:

  • Have submitted more than 3 claims in the past 5 years to an insurance company
  • Has been charged or convicted of impaired driving, fraud or any other criminal offence
  • Have claimed or filed for bankruptcy
  • Have been denied or refused of insurance coverage or had your policy canceled


Insurance and Ruckify Protection is on a per Item basis and the price will be calculated based off of Item(s) value, and risk level. Insurance and Ruckify Protection is at the option of the Poster. Posters are required to submit an accurate valuation of the Item(s) being insured at the time the insurance is purchased.


  • Theft, and damages to the Item


In areas where Insurance coverage is not active, we are giving the Poster the option to add a deposit amount for the item. The deposit will be returned to the Renter after the booking has been completed and no disputes are filed.

Claim Process:

The claim must be submitted within 48 hours of the booking end date, otherwise, it will not be accepted or reviewed. Please follow the steps below to successfully submit your claim or dispute. If you have your own insurance policy, you must follow their process before submitting a claim through Ruckify.

  • Go to the booking’s Itinerary page
  • Click on the “disputes” button at the bottom of the page
  • Select the reason for your dispute
  • Enter an explanation and reason for the dispute. Please provide as much detail as possible with timeframes and dates.
  • Submit the dispute
  • Upload picture or video proof to attach to the submitted dispute
  • Wait until a member of Ruckify contacts you to follow up

Please provide as much detail and as much proof as you can. If any witnesses are involved, please provide their contact information as well.


In the result of theft of an Item during a booking, you must file a police report before submitting an insurance claim. Ruckify reserves the right to file its own police report where it deems necessary.


As the Poster you are able to choose between our pre-selected options of deposit amounts which the member renting must pay before your booking start date. Having a required deposit on your item will force the member renting your Item to pay our third-party processing fee of 2.9% in addition to the deposit amount. In the occurrence of a claim, you will only be able to claim a maximum amount of the total deposit.


Please be aware that Ruckify and our insurance partner will review and asses each claim fairly and without bias to come to the best solution for our members. We cannot guarantee a time frame for when a solution will be presented for a claim. Any applicable deductible must be paid before funds will be released by the insurer or Ruckify. Ruckify and our partners take fraud and illegal activities very seriously; if you are suspected of such activities we will report you to the local authorities with proof. All determinations and solutions made by Ruckify and our partners are final and will be made in accordance with Ruckify’s terms or service and any applicable insurance policies.