Ruckify Has Joined Austin Free-Net

We Needed Your Help

Ruckify is the world's largest peer-to-peer rental marketplace, and offers the opportunity for individuals and companies to rent out at a low cost their items to their local communities.

Children in our community are struggling to complete their virtual learning requirements due to not having the proper technology needed to do so. With your help, these children will be able to continue learning and completing their schooling by using that spare technology sitting in your nightstand. You can provide the ability for these kids to keep learning, just by lending your unused technological devices through Ruckify.

And You Delivered...

Thank You So Much

With your help we could give people in need electronics so that they could stay connected during a pandemic. Although we are no longer taking donations you can still post your unused technology in the Ruckify marketplace. That way those in need can still borrow at a low cost and you get money in your pocket.