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Ruckify is the world’s largest online peer-to-peer rental marketplace, empowering its members to embrace the sharing economy and leave unnecessary purchases behind. Designed with both people and businesses in mind, anyone can post their items and spaces on Ruckify for people in their community to rent. 

Founded in Ottawa, Canada in 2018 on a foundation of community building, environmentalism, education, and freedom, Ruckify is dedicated to changing the world and curtailing the spread of unsustainable consumerism. The platform has also launched TreeProject, a commitment from Ruckify to plant a tree for every transaction made on the app, allowing anyone to be a part of the mission towards a greener, healthier earth.

“We are passionate about giving everyone the opportunity to start their own rental business through the Ruckify app, while helping the environment. Renting instead of buying helps lower our carbon footprint, and we believe that the sharing-economy will ultimately have a profound, positive impact on our planet.” – Ruckify Founder, Steve Cody


Meet Ruckify's


Ruckify Co-Founder - Bruce Linton

Bruce has a passion for entrepreneurship and making a positive difference in the world. He brings a wealth of experience in building strong technology companies, building world class teams and positioning his companies to deliver exceptional customer value and service. He is currently the Founder, and former Chairman and CEO of Canopy (CGC), Co-Chairman and past CEO of Martello Technologies, and Co-founder of Ruckify & Better Software.

Ruckify Co-Founder - Steve Cody

Steve Cody has built and sold 6 different rental companies over his career as an entrepreneur. After recently founding a successful franchise software technology company, Steve decided to combine the two companies. Steve has now created Ruckify, his ultimate dream of giving everyone the opportunity to experience the financial and ecological rewards of sharing something that you own with others.

Recent news & activity

The world is waking up & change is coming

In North America, it is the shift towards a shared economy that’s helping drive down our carbon footprint. The sharing economy has become the trend in many tourist cities, especially as sharing homes, cars, meals and just about anything through companies like Air Bnb, Uber, Skip the Dishes and Ruckify grow in popularity and reach….

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Ottawa neighbours team up to start Ruckify

For most people, being fired is a nightmare. But for Bruce Linton and Steve Cody, it just means one project has ended and another is about to begin. “Being fired is fashionable,” said Linton, who admits his recent dismissal from Canopy Growth wasn’t his first termination. “Oh God, no.” …

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Building a rental business from home

Renting is a hot and growing ecommerce trend. Being driven by Gen Z and millennials, the shift from buying new products to consuming used goods stems from a found value and sustainability in using peer-to-peer sharing platforms…

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