Creating Sustainable Impact

Inspiring Environmental Change

Ruckify was created to reduce the destructive environmental impact of traditional systems of production by keeping products and equipment in use for longer. Ruckify is committed to making it easy for people to connect on a single community-based platform to rent and reuse instead of buying new. Pushing the change in global consumer behaviors toward a more sustainable way of living will reduce overall waste and help encourage the bold and decisive actions necessary to meet the Paris Agreement global warming limit.
Empowering Sustainable Choices
Ruckify promotes a new economy that separates fiscal growth from the constant manufacturing of new things.
Optimizing Seldom-Used Items
Ruckify extends the lifecycle of everyday items and reduces the energy, materials, and effort required to produce the stuff we use every day.
Enabling Low-Carbon Transition
Ruckify reduces our collective carbon footprint and conserves Earth’s finite resources.
Creating Community
Ruckify creates shared social experience and community engagement.
Reducing the Need for New
The Ruckify marketplace reduces the need for carbon-intensive manufacturing and transcontinental shipping of new items by keeping existing items in circulation.
Driving Entrepreneurship
Ruckify’s versatile platform builds business skills, digital literacy, and provides supplemental income.

Working Towards Zero

United By Vision

Every great idea is born from the necessity of solving a problem or fulfilling a need, and Ruckify is no exception. Ruckify’s Cofounder Steve Cody started a conversation with his new neighbor and now CEO Bruce Linton as they were looking to clean up some fallen trees. With no chainsaw, Steve was frustrated by the idea that the only way he could get the job done on his own was to buy a brand new one. He only needed the chainsaw for a few hours, why did he have to cause a new one to be manufactured?!
This was the Cofounders’ “aha moment.” They envisioned a marketplace app that would allow people to share assets on a short-term basis, reducing carbon emissions and landfill, and Ruckify was born.
Founded in Ottawa, Canada in 2017 with a pile of fallen trees and a dream to change the world, Ruckify has become the world’s #1 buy nothing, rent anything marketplace. This inspiration gave rise to industry-changing technology and attracted the participation of forward-thinking leaders, and now Ruckify has paved the way for a growing peer-to-peer sharing community that stretches around the world.
Ruckify is an environmentally responsible organization, based on Steve and Bruce’s environmental strategy of preventing the production of new items. Ruckify focuses on the positive environmental impacts of the circular economy, specifically how that relates directly to reducing climate change.

A Circular Economy is based on the principles of designing out waste and pollution, keeping products in use, and regenerating natural systems.

"We are passionate about giving everyone the opportunity to rent anything they can think of, and to start their own rental businesses while helping the environment. Ruckifying instead of buying helps lower our carbon footprint, and in the four years since we started, we’re seeing how the sharing economy can have a profound, positive impact on our planet and communities."

Ruckify Cofounder Steve Cody

Meet Ruckify’s Co-Founders

Steve Cody, Co-Founder

With over 30 years of experience in the rental industry, Steve Cody has a wealth of knowledge and truly understands the value of connecting customers and communities. Having built and sold 6 different rental companies and most recently founding a successful franchise software company has prepared Steve for his recent venture. Ruckify is a combination of Steve’s matchless experience and passion for the sharing economy. Ruckify allows everyone to experience the financial and ecological rewards of sharing their items.

Bruce Linton, Co-Founder and CEO

Bruce has a burning passion for entrepreneurship and positively impacting the world around him. His cumulative knowledge and wealth of experience in building technology companies and world class teams has positioned each company he has been a part of to deliver exceptional customer value and service. He is currently the Founder, and former Chairman and CEO of Canopy (CGC), Co-Chairman and past CEO of Martello Technologies, and Co-founder of Ruckify & Better Software.

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