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Ruckify is an industry changing, online person-to-person rental marketplace. Designed with both people and businesses in mind, anyone can now post their items and spaces up on the platform for people in their community to rent. Ruckify was founded and built in Ottawa, Canada by a diverse team of talented developers, product managers, digital marketers, designers, entrepreneurs, and rental industry professionals.

“We are passionate about giving everyone the opportunity to start their own rental business through the Ruckify app, while helping the environment. Renting instead of buying helps lower our carbon footprints, and we believe that the sharing-economy will ultimately have a profound, positive impact on our planet.” – Ruckify Founder, Steve Cody


Ruckify is a big part of the sharing economy

“We’ve always been in a culture where more is more! And suddenly we’re in a culture where less is a better quality of life. it’s pretty revolutionary.”

- Bill Stewart

Ruckify is a planet profit company

For every sign-up & transaction on the Ruckify app, we plant a tree. We have a starting goal of planting 10,000,000 trees. We do those to add even more environmental value over renting instead of buying.

Ruckify helps bring people together

Through the rapidly growing Ruckify community, hobbyists, business owners and many others have built connections with people Ruckifying their items/spaces. What a cool way to make new friends!

Ruckify Co-Founder
Bruce Linton

Bruce has a passion for entrepreneurship and making a positive difference in the world. He brings a wealth of experience in building strong technology companies, building world class teams and positioning his companies to deliver exceptional customer value and service. He is the Founder, Former Chairman, and CEO of Canopy (CGC), Co-Chairman and past CEO of Martello Technologies, and Co‐founder of Ruckify & Better Software.

Ruckify Founder
Steve Cody

Our Founder, Steve Cody has built and sold 6 different rental companies over his career as an entrepreneur. After recently founding a successful Small Business Software technology company, Steve decided that the time was right to combine his new technology experience with his deep passion for the rental industry. ‍‍‍Steve has now created Ruckify, his ultimate dream of giving everyone the opportunity to experience the financial and ecological rewards of sharing something that you own with others.

meet the Ruckify team

Ruckify is blessed to have gathered a talented, innovated and hardworking team of developers, proStore ambassadors, designs, directors and growth specialists!

Not only that, but we have some wonderful RuckifyStores partners who are helping to make Ruckify a global reality.

If you are wanting to be part of our Ruckify family, visit the careers page for more details:

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