You Can Earn Big Bucks with Your GoPro!

There are 5 billion videos viewed on YouTube every single day. Platforms like Instagram, and TikTok are becoming increasingly more popular and people are demanding innovative ways to generate content.

Everyone loves to share videos of experiences and vacations and GoPro’s allow people to capture those moments perfectly. As a GoPro camera owner, you know that you only use it every once in a while. When you’re not using your GoPro to capture your latest adventure, you can post it on Ruckify to make extra money.

Renting your GoPro allows you to recoup the initial costs you paid and after a few rentals, you can even turn a profit! Ruckify’s easy to use platform lets you post products with ease. It’s as simple as snapping a photo, adding a brief description, and setting your price. You can rent your GoPro out on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Want to earn even more money? You can post your GoPro with add-ons and accessories so you can set your price even higher!

Your GoPro is your ticket to starting a lucrative side-hustle. You can make money with minimal effort by leveraging Ruckify’s online peer-to-peer marketplace.

Why Would Someone Want to Rent my GoPro?

To Save Money

GoPro’s can be really expensive, especially when you start adding on accessories. If someone is going on a weekend getaway, or planning an epic adventure, they might not see the value in purchasing a GoPro of their own. Renting allows them to capture the footage how they want, when they want, without having to commit to a purchase.

The GoPro Hero 7 Black Edition is available for $50 a day or $150 a week on Ruckify and this GoPro is perfect for taking on a solo trip or last minute getaway.

To Use the Latest Version

GoPro releases a new camera every single year and it’s not exactly economical to purchase a new GoPro every time they release an updated product. Renting provides people with the opportunity to test out the latest technology at a fraction of the price.

A great example is the GoPro Fusion. This GoPro features a 360-degree camera that allows users to capture everything around them so they’ll never miss a shot! This GoPro can be rented on Ruckify for $90 a day, or $270 a week.

To See If They Want to Buy One

Buying a brand-new GoPro can be a huge financial commitment. Posting your GoPro on Ruckify gives people in your community the opportunity to try before they buy. They get to test out all of the latest features and technology without the financial burden or purchasing a GoPro of their own.

To Capture an Intricate Angle

Photographers or even just the average joe may be attempting to capture the perfect shot but might not have the proper equipment. They may only need the equipment they’re looking for to capture a shot or two, meaning they definitely don’t have to purchase a GoPro of their own.

Post Your GoPro on Ruckify Today

Posting your GoPro on Ruckify is beneficial for you and people in your community. You get to make extra money, and they get to test out a GoPro!

Do you own multiple items that you don’t use every day? If you have a GoPro, a few accessories, or even a few other items, you can build your very own RuckifyStore!

Creating a RuckifyStore is a quick and easy way to build a thriving side-hustle! Click here to learn more about posting your GoPro on Ruckify today.

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