world's on pause

World’s On Pause, What Will You Do?

World’s on pause

While the world’s on pause because of COVID-19 it has been difficult to stay sane. Especially while self-distancing from anything and everything. People are starting to miss going out. Even going to the gym, the movie theater, and maybe even the occasional arcade adventure. 

world's on pause

World’s on pause, what can you do?

The perfect alternative? Bring the fun to you rather than venturing out to find it. You can accomplish this by signing up for Ruckify’s rent anything marketplace. Here you can find everything you need to find a little normalcy in this pandemic chaos. 

Rent out items with insurance coverage and delivery so you can continue your social distancing in the safety of your home. Enjoy the great prices while also knowing you helped out someone in your community. Especially those that may be hurt from the COVID-19 devastation. Not to mention, we plant a tree in honor of every successful transaction. So, while helping your community, you are also helping the environment. 

You are also able to post items as well. Take a look around your home, what do you see? You can post these items on Ruckify, earn money and help members in your community who want to rent them! We offer RuckifyExpress delivery service, which provides a touchless and cashless delivery for a smooth drop off and pick up. 


  • Home Gym
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Boxing

While working from home and trying your best to entertain the kids, you don’t want to be forgetting about your normal routines, meditation, or after work boxing class. With Ruckify’s rent anything marketplace you can find all the equipment you need to bring the exercise to you. Set up your own little home gym with a treadmill, yoga mats, dumbbells, boxing gloves, punching bag, and whatever else you need to match your normal routines, or even try something new! This way you don’t have to invest in all of the equipment, and when the world starts up again you can start going back to your membership gym without having missed a beat. 

Movie Theater

  • Popcorn
  • Projector
  • Recliner

Are you the type of person that loves the thrill and relaxation of going to the movie theater, sitting quietly in a comfy chair and mountain of popcorn in your lap, and watching your new favorite film? For those who enjoy the experience of watching a movie beyond just a laptop screen, Ruckify’s peer-to-peer marketplace can be your perfect solution. Rent out a fancy projector, maybe ever surround sound, a popcorn machine, and a recliner or two to really get your temporary movie theater feeling authentic. The best part is, when the movie is over, you just send everything back, and your makeshift movie theater can turn back into your living room. 

world's on pause

Ultimate Playroom

  • Video Games
  • Arcade Games
  • VR
  • Board games
  • Kinect

With school canceled and the kid’s boredom piling up at home, it’s time to construct the ultimate playroom. Section the rascals off in the house and gather all the supplies you need to keep them entertained while you get the real work done. Rent out video game consoles with the games to match, or upgrade to virtual reality headsets to really send them into a world of their own. Or, bring in the fun for the entire family by equipping yourself with an artillery of board games that can amount to hours and hours of strategic gaming, or ones of chance and luck. 

Don’t have kids? Well, you need entertainment just as much unless you’re excited to watch paint dry for the next few weeks. Set up the ultimate games room for you with everything from old pinball machines to classic consoles like a Nintendo 64 or arcade joystick. Have time to try out all the fun activities and send them back in a timely fashion so you get rent out the next best thing and never get tied down with a final purchase. 


  • Margarita Mixer
  • DJ Equipment
  • Darts

If you’re a top notch extrovert you’re probably really missing going out to the bars with your friends and having a fun night. Rentals may not get you your friends but it can sure get you a good time. While the world’s on pause set your drinks up with a fancy margarita machine. Learn the craft of mixology in your spare time, or when you’re just looking to make a stiff drink. Even bring in the music by renting a full professional DJ set. Learn to master the turntable and make up your own music to dance out to. Oh, and no bar is complete without the perfect dart board. There is no time like now to master the art while sober, and maybe while tipsy just for good measure. 

world's on pause

Spring Cleaning

  • Vacuum
  • Carpet Steamer
  • Post on Ruckify

Now, many may look at spring cleaning with a frown on their face. It can actually be very refreshing and make staying in a cramped space feel a little roomier. While the world’s on pause wash up all the surfaces by renting commercial-grade vacuums. Or, carpet steamers to make your home like new. Start going through your things to clear out your house. Be mindful of the things you don’t particularly useful anymore. While the old option would have been to donate or dispose of the item, now consider making your own business out of it. Easily post your forgotten items onto the Ruckify marketplace and start generating some income from it. That way when you are done with your spring cleaning you’re not only rewarded with a fresh start in your home but also a steady income from all the items you found while cleaning it.

spring cleaning world's on pause

World’s on pause, want to learn more?

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