What’s Inside A Ruckify Starter-kit?

Watch as one of our Ruckify Reps, Paige opens the complimentary Ruckify Starter Kit that will soon be going out to people who sign up! The box and contents are 100% recyclable.

Interested in your own box and tree? Head over to https://ruckify.com to sign up on our email list so you can be notified when the app is out AND get your little complimentary RuckifyStore starter kit!

Video Recap For Ruckify Starter-kit: 

Ruckify is an app that offers a peer-to-peer marketplace for everything rentals! (like Airbnb, but for EVERYTHING). You can create your own little side business by building your own  RuckifyStore (free to sign up and make). We just posted a blog that goes into depth about RuckifyStores: https://ruckify.com/blog/what-the-heck-is-a-mystore/

Ruckify Webinar Building A Side Hustle FAQ

Ruckify also plants a tree for every transaction on the app, so not only are you saving space and money by renting, but you are helping to save the environment!  #10milliontreeproject

The app comes out this fall but you can still rent and post stuff for rent right now! Just contact a Ruckify starter rep, and they will hook you up!

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