What Is A RuckifyStore?


Take a look around your house. Why have everything just sitting there when it can be making your money?! The RuckifyStore feature allows you to pretty much put up anything you own for rent (Such as; your university textbooks, power drill, portable piano, extra storage space, or even the four-wheeler collecting dust in the garage). Needless to say, you have about a million options.

Build Your Own

Your RuckifyStore will allow you to connect with those in search of what you offer and make you some extra cash that can go into your “Australian Backpacking Adventure Fund” jar. We make sure everything you list is insured and you can rest easy knowing everyone who joins Ruckify is verified and security checked to ensure the process is safe (Unlike the uncertainty of buying something off Craigslist).

RuckifyStore mock

You can make your RuckifyStore your own by customizing your categories, uploading a nifty logo, and choosing one of our pre-made backdrops to give it a splash of personality! And guess what?! Creating your RuckifyStore is completely free!! How great is that?!

How To Fill It

Just find things you want to rent to others, snap some awesome pictures (click HERE for tips on taking product photos on a budget), follow our “posting” steps, and Voilà! Your item is ready to be rented!

If you are interested in creating a new RuckifyStore side hustle for yourself, connect with a Ruckify tech today so you can learn more & get started! Oh, and did I mention that we plant a tree for every transaction made through your RuckifyStore? Not only are you making some extra money, but you are helping the planet as well! #letsruckify

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