Trying to Capture the Perfect Shot? Rent What You Need on Ruckify!

Whether you’re a pro or a keen amateur, photography equipment can be expensive. So, how can you fulfil your passion or sharpen your skills without breaking the bank? The answer is simple, rent what you need on Ruckify!

Have you ever envisioned capturing the perfect shot but can’t get it without a specific piece of equipment? Or maybe, you’re doing a weekend shoot and need another lens? These are both scenarios where it would make sense to rent instead of buy.

Ruckify is a peer- to-peer Rental Marketplace that allows you to rent anything, including photography equipment directly from its Owner. Ruckify makes it possible for you to get the perfect shot at a fraction of the price.

Here are the Best Photography Rentals on Ruckify:

1. DSLR Cameras

Sometimes the camera on your phone doesn’t cut it. Occasionally you need something special, and this DSLR camera is just that. The quality of images that this DSLR produces is incomparable to anything else on the market.

There are tons of DSLR rentals on Ruckify and you can get your hands on one for as little as $30. Get the perfect shot and save money doing it!  

2. Camera Lenses

You may already have a good DSLR camera, but there is a shot you have in mind that requires a specific lens. Lenses can be expensive, especially if you only plan on using it a handful of times.

Luckily, you can rent an AF-S NIKKOR lens for just $16. This lens produces extremely sharp results and will definitely help you capture the perfect shot.  

3. Camera Tripod

Do you have an event to capture? Maybe your traveling to shoot a wedding but your space is limited. If this is the case, renting a tripod when you get to your final destination makes perfect sense. Renting a tripod will ensure your footage is spot on,

Consider renting the Sachtler Ace camera tripod. This tripod is perfect for videographers that use HDSLR cameras and camcorders. For just $20 per day, you can keep your videos nice and stable.

4. GoPro

Your friends have invited you to go kayaking, and you want to document this epic trip. However, you don’t have a camera that is small or waterproof. Have you considered checking Ruckify? Ruckify has tons of awesome GoPro rentals that are perfect for any epic adventure!

Get some FPV footage from your helmet for $54 per day or $158 for a week with an awesome GoPro Hero 7. With this rental, there will be no risk of missing out on sweet footage with your friends. 

5. Photography Equipment Case

Traveling with your photography equipment can be stressful. Trusting airport baggage handlers with delicate stuff  like lenses and cameras is really hard to do, especially if they were really expensive! Considering browning Ruckify to find rentals at your final destination or rent a solid case beforehand to keep your equipment safe.

Rather than buying a big expensive case, you can rent a Pelican case to take with you. This case is airtight and waterproof; it also has foam dividers inside to protect your precious cargo and you can rent it for as little as $120 a week.

6. L.E.D. Ring Light

L.E.D ring lights are designed to make you look like a star in front of the camera. You can use these lights for interviews, webinars, YouTube videos, or for some epic social media content. If you have a project that requires you or your subject to look your best on camera, these ring lights are definitely a worthwhile investment.

Rent these L.E.D ring lights on Ruckify for as little as $16 a day. Produce stellar results and make your subject look like a movie star with this awesome rental!

7. 360 VR Camera

360 VR cameras are an excellent way to capture your surroundings. These cameras are used for all sorts of projects, from real estate agents showing off their properties to feature films. 360 VR Cameras allow people to fully immerse themselves in the footage to simulate actually being there, with VR headsets.

These cameras are really expensive but you can rent one for a fraction of the price on Ruckify. For $75 a week, you can capture 360-degree photos and videos of your business, live music event, or anything your imagination can come up with. This is your chance to create a fully immersive experience on a budget.

8. Epic Backdrops

You may be taking photos somewhere with an unappealing or uninspiring background. These locations can make your photos look terrible and you may end up having to spend tons of time editing and tweaking the backgrounds to end up with a favorable result.

Luckily, Ruckify has some really awesome backdrops that you can rent for your next photoshoot. Rent an intricate scene or muted color to bring your next shoot to the next level for as little as $65 a day.

9. Segway Ninebot Mini Pro

A new and innovative way to capture the perfect panning shot is with a Segway. This smooth-rolling machine is ideal for getting cinematic gliding videos. With just five minutes of practice, you will have mastered the technique to get the best shots over flat or rough ground.

You can rent a Segway Ninebot Mini Pro for just $70, just make sure nobody is watching while you practice.be at the height of innovation by stepping up your photography game with this epic rental!

10. High End Camcorders

It’s nice to document significant events like weddings and birthdays but sometimes a phone or old-fashioned camcorder won’t cut it. Instead of dusting off that old camcorder you bought years ago, why not consider using something that is going to produce a stellar result?

You can rent a high-end camcorder like the Canon Xa20 Avchd from Ruckify from $100 our day. This is an HD camcorder that will produce fantastic high-quality videos. Capture memories that you will be proud to look back on with this awesome rental from Ruckify.  

Why not Rent Your Photography Equipment on Ruckify?

If you have extra cameras, lenses, or equipment lying around that you don’t use frequently, why not post it on Ruckify? Renting your extra on unused equipment to people in your community means extra money in your pocket. Click here to learn more about posting your photography equipment on Ruckify.

If you’re looking to rent photography equipment, consider browsing your local Ruckify Marketplace to find what you need.

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