Tips To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Your Carbon Footprint

Earth Day has come and gone, but in our opinion here at Ruckify, being mindful of the earth should be every day! And with all the craziness going on with global warming, climate change, human and animal illness due to pollution, as well as a variety of other important issues, we all need to do our part to lower our carbon footprint. It may not seem like it, but every single bit helps!

How To​

We know breaking old habits can be a pain in the ass, so start off small by switching up one or two things on the list below, and gradually working towards including more ways to be energy-efficient and earth-friendly!

tips to reduce your carbon footprint

  • An oldie, but a goodie: Dust off that old bike in your garage and take that for a spin to the corner store next time you want to head over there. You’re not using gas…it’s healthier and it will make mother nature smile. ​
  • If it’s raining or snowing and your bike is not an ideal option, there are a few things you can be mindful of transportation-wise. You can carpool or use some form of public transportation which reduces CO2 emissions overall. Or even group your errands together so you’re not on the road as often! When you are driving, properly inflated tires can actually improve your gas mileage by 3%! Cruise control actually proves to be more efficient as well.

tips to reduce your carbon footprint

  • Add some plants to your living space to help reduce carbon in the air at home. Are you one of those people who end up killing plants despite your best efforts? Go ahead and get a cactus or succulent of some kind! You don’t need to water them as often AND they are natural air filters! ​
  • Properly insulate your home and try to go without heating or air conditioning during mild-weathered months. You can also find a programmable thermostat that can turn off during times when you’re at work, and turn on again just in time for your return.

tips to reduce your carbon footprint

And More…

  • Air dry your dishes and hang your laundry from time-to-time. Or play little-house-on-the-prairie and line dry your billowing clouds of laundry in the wind.
  • Don’t buy plastic straws. And forgo them in your drinks as often as possible. If you really like your straws for whatever reason, get cute, swirly reusable ones, paper straws, or tin straws (which actually make your drink feel colder). These things can often be found at your local health store, kitchen accessories boutique, and even the dollar store. You can even keep some on hand in the car in case you pick up some kind of yummy drink in the drive-thru!  ​


  • ​It is estimated that 13% of greenhouse gas emissions are due to the cultivation and transportation of mass-produced food in North America alone. So, why not turn your Sunday into farmer’s market day and shop local! It’s not only better for the local economy, but it’s healthier, cleaner, and you will have a greater peace of mind knowing where your food came from. If you have a green thumb, try your hand at making a veggie garden in your backyard, or gather some neighbors in your apartment or condo community and see if you can arrange an urban community garden.
  • Reduce the amount of garbage you create by buying reusable bags/containers and pretty much replacing any disposable item with something you can get more use out of. And when you do have waste, compost and recycling actually goes a loooong way!

ruckify carbon footprint

We at Ruckify hope we have inspired you with these tips and tricks you can easily implement in your home. If you have any tips you want to add, drop them below in the comments! We would also love to hear about what you are doing to help reduce your carbon footprint!

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