throw an office party using rental items

Holiday work parties and such festivities are a core element in strengthening peer-to-peer relationships within the office and building your company’s culture.

Many industries have faced cutbacks in the past few years, leaving smaller budgets for office parties. Here at Ruckify we tested our own theory: that you can still throw a killer party with a small budget by using rental items from our very own users! 

Lavish company celebrations may be a thing of the past. Some employees may have trouble finding child care or can’t afford the expense of an evening out with co-workers (buying holiday clothes, dry cleaning, restaurant and taxi costs, etc.). We curbed that cost by doing a potluck on the office grounds – eliminating the cost of catering and venue space. 

at Ruckify we love our partners – our users are total stars!

Given the crisp fall weather, we wanted our outdoor space to feel cozy. We rented a tent and decor from Ruckify user Ron, owner of RuckifyStore Special Moment Wedding and were able to rent a fully enclosed tent, beautiful fairy lights and colourful spotlights, beautifully illuminating our dinner space. By renting, we cut our cost by more than 30%. 

Now we needed to fill the space. RuckifyStore codyparty supplied the tables, chairs, linens, cutlery and dishware. By renting in bulk, we were able to score an event rate – saving the company even more money! RuckTruck delivery services picked up all the items and delivered them right to our door. Codyparty even goes as far as to take the cutlery and dishes back dirty – eliminating extra clean up time when the event comes to an end. 

By exploring their rental items further we found decorative touches, like our Thanksgiving themed balloon-bouquets, for well under the cost of purchasing from a party store. Staff members brought harvest-themed decorations they made at home, and we dressed the tables with beautiful dried fall leaves that had already fallen from the trees. 

To eliminate the cost of catering, we got the staff involved and threw a potluck dinner. A potluck lunch or dinner is where everyone attending brings a “covered dish” or other menu items to the party. Because everyone chips in on the cooking, it’s a low cost way to cater a large meal for everyone you work with. The dishes are set on a table and everyone serves themselves, buffet style. 

With the crisp fall weather rolling through, we had to ensure staff were warm and toasty throughout the celebrations. Rather than purchasing outdoor heaters that would have gone unused until our next outdoor event, we Ruckified a couple! RuckifyStore Full of beans party rentals provided two patio heaters that kept our 50 guests warm and toasty throughout the evening.

When it comes to planning a company party for staff, cutting costs and staying under budget is relatively easy. Keep the following in mind and it’ll be easy.

  1. Transform your office space into an event space to save on venue cost.
  2. Curb catering costs by having a potluck, buffet-style meal. 
  3. Use rental platform Ruckify to connect with event rental companies, and rent your event items at a 10-30% discounted rate. 
  4. Get your staff involved in the decor and set up. 
  5. Sit back, relax, and enjoy time with your work fam! 

Take your next office event to the next level with Ruckify. Save some money. Save time. Make memories. Love the environment. No storage space required. Click Here for our FREE printable Party Planning Checklist!


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