The Best Moving Rentals on Ruckify: Move Anything, Anywhere With These 4 Items!

Setting up your office or moving isn’t easy, there are tons of items that have to be moved and you may not have the appropriate equipment. On top of that, moving companies can be extremely costly and may even end up mishandeling your belongings.

Fortunately, there are tons of items like hand carts and moving dollies that you can use to do it yourself but you may not always have this equipment on hand. If you’re looking for an inexpensive alternative to hiring movers, or if you’re looking to get the job done on your own, consider renting what you need for your next move on Ruckify.

Ruckify is a peer-to-peer rental marketplace that you can use to rent items for all occasions. With a dedicated Moving/Storage category available, you can use Ruckify to rent anything you might need to move your belongings.

Let’s look at some moving rentals you can find on Ruckify, their costs, and the advantages so you can say goodbye to hiring costly moving help!

Moving Rentals on Ruckify: Get all the help you need!

1. 2 Wheel Professional Moving Dolly

Rent: 25 CAD Weekly

Condition: Just like new

Product Information:

  • Tubular 17 ga. steel frame
  • 2″ x 14′ nylon belt
  • Non-marring rubber
  • 24″ x 5″ nose plate
  • 59″H x 17 W

Why you should rent it:

This moving dolly has a high strength steel frame and double-welded joints, it’s perfect for heavy-duty usage! End the struggle of moving your refrigerator, dishwashers, dryers and stoves. Your moving dolly will handle it all.

Its smooth-rolling bell stair climbers and easy-rolling ball bearing wheels will let you move anywhere without applying much force. You can push it up the stairs, downwards, front and back, just about anywhere!

Plus, the positive-ratchet provides a high mechanical advantage, and the rubber contacts save your surface from any damage. This item is what you need after you’ve bought a new household item or if you’ve decided to move somewhere new.

2. Panel Cart Dolly

Rent: 70 CAD Monthly

Condition: Just like new

Product Information:

  • Steel frame
  • four SNAP LOC E-Track strap anchors
  • Ball-bearing 4-inch swivel casters (2 with brakes)
  • Heavy-duty Polypropylene
  • 32″x20-1/2″x9-1/2″ tall
  • 38” bars

Why you should rent it:

This panel cart is made up of heavy-duty polypropylene, which when combined with its integrated steel frame, provides durability and strength. The Snap Track strap anchors can be used to attach the optional E-straps that give a fast, easy, and safe way to strap down your items before moving. The 4-inch ball-bearing swivel casters allow you to manoeuvre your cart anywhere you like, and two of them even have breaks!

With flat cargo grip pads, it will ensure your item stays in place and don’t get any scratches. You can also simply remove the steel bars and turn it into a push dolly.

3. Worx AeroCart Wheelbarrow

Rent: 45 CAD Monthly

Condition: Just like new

Product Information:

  • 8-in-1 all-purpose carrier
  • Load Capacity: 200lb
  • Flowerpot and Rock holder strap        
  • Cylinder and Bag holder
  • 3 cubic feet metal bucket

Why you should rent it:

This piece of multi-purpose moving equipment is better than any moving help you can hire! What seems like a wheelbarrow at first glance quickly transforms into a moving dolly instantly whenever you need it.  Need to take it somewhere? Just remove the wheels and shove it in your trunk.

This unique item can be used as a flower pot mover, bag holder, rock mover and even cylinder holder. It even comes with multiple straps for different purposes, so your item always remains in place.

The wheelbarrows’ flat-free (or airless) tires require no inflation to maintain the correct air pressure.  Have heavy load? This wheelbarrow-slash-moving dolly takes care of that too.

4. Folding Aluminum Platform Truck

Rent: 115 CAD Monthly

Condition: Just like new

Product Information:

  • Vinyl deck bumpers
  • Lightweight
  • 4 swivel, 2 rigid 5″ TPR (thermoplastic rubber) casters

Why you should rent it:

This moving platform comes with a corrosion-resistant deck, making it easier to keep it in good condition. Although a strapless structure, it’s compensated by its ribbed surface (raised band-patterns), which provide higher friction and improved grip.

Accidental bumps are no longer a problem with its shock-resistant and safety vinyl deck bumpers, making it suitable for use in a crowded environment or for maneuvering narrow areas.

4 swivel casters made up of thermoplastic rubber make it lighter than the other moving items alongwith ensuring that it’s noiseless! It’s folding features mean that it takes up very little space and you can put it away anywhere you want. Rent it now from Ruckify and enjoy it’s many useful features!

Consider browsing your local Ruckify Marketplace and taking a look at the Moving/ Storage category next time you’re considering a seamless move. Click here to learn how to rent items on Ruckify.

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