Epic Winter Adventure? Rent What You Need on Ruckify!

Instead of buying winter sports equipment, why not consider renting it? Ruckify is an online rental marketplace that enables you to rent absolutely anything! Instead of buying an item from a big box store, Ruckify makes it possible for you to rent items including directly from the Owner. Why Ruckify? It Saves You Money If […]

Keep Calm and Skate on With Extra Cash in Your Pocket

Winter is fast approaching and that means that fun winter sports like skating are just around the corner! If you live somewhere with a snowy climate, you most likely have a ton of winter sports equipment lying around. Maybe you have snowshoes, snowboards, toboggans, sleds, skis, or even skates? The plus side to having all […]

Everyone Has Something They can Post on Ruckify, Find out What Yours is Today!

Do you like extra money…of course you do! The good news is that there are tons of different ways to make money online and Ruckify makes it easier than ever. You can make money by posting everyday items from around your home. The beauty of Ruckify is that you can post almost anything! Electronics, clothing, […]

Get Your DIY on With These Unique Handcraft Rentals on Ruckify!

Handcrafts and DIY projects are the perfect way to de-stress and unwind. Nothing beats a nice relaxing evening of painting or a weekend chalked full of checking DIY projects off your to-do list. The downside of handcrafts and DIY projects is that the tools and supplies can start to add up and get pricey. Luckily, […]

Here’s Why You Should go Camping in an RV This Fall!

It’s no secret that traveling close to home or traveling while practicing social distancing has been a very popular choice for the last few months and renting an RV is the perfect way to do both. Ruckify RV is Canada’s most trusted and affordable peer to peer trailer sharing marketplace, connecting you with owners whose […]