Stories From The Ruckify Community: The Costume Shoppe

Dressing up isn’t just for Halloween anymore!

The practice has evolved into a year-round phenomenon for both children and adults. We see costume themes popping up at more and more corporate and private events.

This trend has been a driving force for Ryan Schoel’s Calgary shop and the party rental industry as a whole. 

Ryan is the face behind The Costume Shoppe! Ruckify took some time to explore his inventory and find out how our rental community has helped compliment his retail store. 

“This is THE place for recreational OR theatrical costuming and supplies in Calgary, YEAR-ROUND. If you haven’t checked them out, DO!!”  — Carlos Robinson 

Each year hosts many holidays, celebrations, and sporting events that can be easily turned into a costume party. The Costume Shoppe makes creating these memories easy. Each rental is custom fit for your body, with over 3000 to choose from. 

Through a partnership with Ruckify, Ryan could find a new way to generate income that completely complements his one of a kind retail store. His goal with Ruckify — to grow his rental business online and find a new avenue to get his costumes in the hands of the people who need them. The rental community at Ruckify allows the Costume Shoppe family to earn extra income off of the available rental inventory while also drawing people to their incredible store. The inventory of costume and theater props is an absolute feast for the eyes!

Through a partnership with Ruckify and the expertise of his rental department manager Marianne, Ryan can spend more time getting creative. He can now lend his focus to creating quality experiences and transforming his customers into custom characters.

Browse The Costume Shoppe’s RuckifyStore today and be the Belle of the ball at your next event!

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