Someone in Your Community is Waiting to Rent Your Skis or Snowboard!

Every winter, skiers and snowboarders flood their local mountains to get their fix. During peak season, it can be difficult to secure a rental. But, what if there was a way for them to rent exactly what they need from a local community member?

Ruckify’s online peer-to-peer rental marketplace connects renters and owners to facilitate the exchange of items. Posting your winter equipment on Ruckify helps you make extra money, and enables people in your community to live out their winter dreams. The best part? You can create your very own side-hustle by renting your winter equipment like skis and snowboards.

Why Would Someone Want to Rent my Equipment?

To Save Money

Winter equipment like skis and snowboards come with a pretty hefty price tag. Not to mention all of the added accessories like gloves, goggles, helmets, and poles. Renting instead of buying gives people in your community the opportunity to save money. Instead of splurging on equipment of their own, they can pay a fraction of the price to rent yours.

To Take Advantage of The Snow

When someone arrives at a ski resort, or books a chalet for the weekend, they may not have all of the equipment they need to experience winter in all its glory. Traveling with skis and snowboards for a vacation can be daunting, Ruckify makes it possible for everyone to rent whatever they need when they arrive.  

To Try Something New

Taking up a new hobby or trying a new sport can be extremely expensive, especially if you’re not 100% sure that you’re going to enjoy it. Ruckify makes it possible for people to try before they buy so they can learn to ski or snowboard before splurging on equipment of their own.

What Ski and Snowboard Equipment Can I Post on Ruckify?

The possibilities are truly endless! We’ve taken the time to round up a few examples that you can use for inspiration.

Backcountry Ski Package

This Owner is renting out a backcountry ski package for ski touring for $25 a day on Ruckify. This package comes with touring skis, poles, and boots. There are 5 different sets and boots to choose from.

Cross-Country Ski Package

Cross country skiing is becoming increasingly more popular and it’s a great source of exercise! This Owner is renting out their cross- country skis, poles, and boots on Ruckify for $35 a day.

Kids Snowboard

Some rental shops don’t stock snowboards for kids, and even if they do, a rental shop might not always be nearby. This kids snowboard is available on Ruckify for just $15 a day.

Burton Snowboard

This Burton snowboard is ideal for people that just want to give snowboarding a try. This rental is available on Ruckify for $35 a day or $75 a week. If you have a similar snowboard, you could be making a steady secondary income throughout the winter by posting it on Ruckify.

Men’s Snowboard Boots

If you have snowboard boots that you’ve outgrown or don’t use often, you can post them on Ruckify to make extra money! These boots are posted on Ruckify for $25 a day or $35 a week.

Post Your Skis or Snowboards on Ruckify Today

Posting your skis or snowboard on Ruckify is the ultimate way to build a side-hustle this winter! Snap a photo, add a description, set your price, and you’re good to go! Starting a Ruckify side-hustle is completely free and doesn’t require any upfront investments or unexpected costs. Click here to learn how to post your items on Ruckify today.

Rent What You Need for Your Next Adventure

Are you planning a winter adventure of your own? If you don’t have the equipment you need to make your epic winter adventure a success, consider renting what you need on Ruckify! Click here to learn more about what winter equipment rentals you can find on Ruckify.

Sign-Up To Ruckify

Sign-up today with code 100TREES for $35 RuckBucks, and Ruckify will plant up to 100 trees when you make your first rental within 30 days.

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