RuckifyExpress: Touchless and Cashless Delivery

Ruckify Express Touchless Delivery Service

Amid COVID-19, we wanted to talk more about something we have always had as part of our business model, but is even more relevant and important in today’s crisis. Our RuckifyExpress delivery is touchless and cashless. With RuckifyExpress we guarantee that your delivery driver will completely avoid contact with you if they are dropping or returning items at your door!

What Is Touchless Delivery?

But wait, what is touchless delivery? So, touchless delivery is an easy way to get your rental item delivered and returned between posters and renters. As a part of our commitment to the health and safety of our community, all of our deliveries are now touchless. 

This is one of our many efforts to help control the spread of coronavirus. But we also want our Ruckify members to take precautions too. We are encouraging our renters and posters who use the platform to follow our guide about how to clean your rental items.

Many companies have joined in by offering touchless delivery such as Instacart, Skip the Dishes and Postmates. Companies like these and Ruckify want to take an active role in our communities! We are committed to your health and safety and keeping this in mind we feel responsible to provide a rental experience that you can feel confident and comfortable about. 

“The process with Ruckify has just been so stress-free.” – Ruckify Member, Jenna

Our Commitment

Our commitment to supporting our community within the US and Canada includes helping affected delivery people. By providing touchless and cashless delivery we are not only helping our members but our delivery drivers as well. Safety means a lot to us.

The coming weeks are challenging for us all. But we are here to help. Not only can you rent things that you need temporarily, such as a fitness equipment setup, a workspace, games for the kids and more, but you can also post your items for rent and extra money.

We are all in this together, as a community.

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