Ruckify Express Delivery Available Tracking

RuckifyExpress Delivery: Live Tracking Available

We are happy to announce that our RuckifyExpress delivery service just received an upgrade… we now have live tracking available! It will only be available on the mobile app for iOS and Android to begin but over time will be included on the website as well!

The Uber-like feature will allow a member to easily track the delivery progress of a RuckifyExpress driver or a poster doing their own delivery. Integrating into your mobile device’s GPS, the Ruckify app will track your position in real-time. It then relays that information into a beautiful user interface for the renter to see.

We wanted to explain to you the exact features that are offered for Ruckify Express live tracking:

The Features 

Assigning a RuckifyExpress Driver

Our Ruckify team can update a member’s profile as a RuckifyExpress Driver. This will add additional functionality to this member’s mobile app that has a suite of features for the Driver’s role.

RuckifyExpress Driver Itinerary 

We provide the Driver with a special Itinerary for their assigned event. This special itinerary lists out the pickup and dropoff locations, who the Poster and Renter are, what items are included on the booking, and the ability to message each member. It contains a special version of the invoice that doesn’t include pricing. This can act as a worksheet for the driver. 

The Driver can enable tracking once the event has commenced and this will fire a notification to the Renter/Poster that the event has started. This will allow the member associated with that event to start tracking their progress on-route. 

Renter Itinerary 

This will be the standard Itinerary that our members have come to know with some added functionality. Once the Driver has initiated the tracking, the Renter will be able to see the Driver’s progress plotted on a map in the Itinerary. The Renter can message the Driver in-app if they go off route or seem delayed for any reason. We will provide the Renter with an estimated arrival time using the Google Maps API which is calculated by driving distance. The Renter can also see who the Driver is and view their profile if desired.

Poster Itinerary 

Posters who are delivering items themselves will also be able to start the delivery tracking for the Renter. Watch the route on the map, and get directions to the dropoff address with just a click of a button. It will behave just like the driver itinerary.

Tracking Driver’s Location

The RuckifyExpress functionality will connect with a Ruckify member’s GPS unit in their mobile device to provide accurate tracking information to the Poster/Renter. We will provide the members with an accurate estimated time of arrival along with an outline of their expected route. The tracking starts as soon as the Driver acknowledges that the event has started and it will end as soon as the Driver arrives at their final destination and clicks the end button. 

Driver Functionality 

On the Driver’s Itinerary, we will display all the necessary information to the Driver to make sure that they’re able to perform their actions seamlessly. Currently, we will not provide the step by step instructions in the mobile app. Instead, we have integrated with Google Maps to make sure the Driver has the most accurate directions possible. The Driver only has to click a button which will open Google Maps with their destination pre-populated.


We will be sending notifications to ensure that both the Poster and Renter understand that the delivery has started, when it is halfway finished, and when they are 2 minutes out from their destination. We will even send a notification if the tracking connection drops or if the Driver is static for more than 5 minutes.

Ruckify Delivery Express

Future Features for RuckifyExpress


In the near future, we will support in-app routing which will provide the driver with accurate directions to their final destination, all within the Ruckify app.


We will expand on this system to include it for all handoff scenarios such as tracking the Renter as they drive to the Poster’s location to pick up the posting. Currently, only the delivery side is available for tracking.

Driver Rating

We will be adding a RuckifyExpress Driver review system to allow both the Renter and Poster to review the driver on multiple areas such as: 

  • Punctuality 
  • Communication
  • Friendliness
  • Overall


We will require the Driver to capture an e-signature from the Poster and Renter to confirm that the posting was received in a timely manner and in working condition.

Expanded Driver Profile

We will allow the Driver to upload more information regarding their delivery vehicle to give the Renter and Poster a better idea about what they’re able to look for.

RuckifyExpress offers touchless and cashless delivery and now being able to track your rental items in real-time! Collect them as they approach your door is a major addition to the Ruckify app! So post some items and earn some money or rent anything you need off of Ruckify! You can track everything in real-time. Looking forward to your feedback about the new live tracking feature!

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