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Ruck-a-what?! Ruckify! An industry-changing, online person-to-person rental marketplace, designed with both people and businesses in mind. This platform is built on trust, honesty, and a true passion for rentals. Picture Airbnb, but for things! Our team uses the notion of the sharing economy and peer-to-peer sales by helping your company create a unique RuckifyStore on the app or by helping you create the ultimate side-hustle (free to make).

Own less — experience more

Think of it this way — with Ruckify you can experience more and learn new things (like building a live edge coffee table) without the price tag. Or, Ruckify your extra tools to someone and help that person put the finishing touches on their DIY project…while earning some extra cash! Our platform provides you with the opportunity to rent out items that you already own but hardly use, or rent things from someone nearby when you are on the hunt for a special item.

Want to have a photoshoot with your family, or finally make that documentary on fire ants? Ruckify some AV equipment and start your amazing new photography/videography career! Already know how to play the violin? Ruckify those strings to someone eager to learn and help that person on their journey towards stardom…while rocking your own side hustle!

Your Ruckify rep will take care of all the heavy lifting, fine-tuning, and create the final cut. After your RuckifyStore has been set up, you will have the ability to edit each listing, and customize your RuckifyStore page.                                   

Safety first!

Ruckify has several safety barriers in place to guarantee the best rental experience every time. The safety of our users and their items is always #1. With that, we verify every individual sign up, and anyone with a reported criminal or fraudulent record will be unable to create an account. Once an account is created, you can set up a profile, so everyone knows who they are renting to/from. 

A review system is in place, which includes the star ratings for every transaction. All addresses are invisible to the public until an item is booked. We even offer delivery options possible through RuckifyExpress!

We make sure everything you list is insured. You can rest easy knowing everyone who joins Ruckify is verified and security checked, ensuring your inventory is kept safe.

The TreeProject

One of the features of this platform — a commitment from Ruckify to plant a tree for every transaction made on the app. This allows anyone to be a part of the mission towards a greener, healthier earth. Ruckify gives its online community the opportunity to not only help the environment but also support someone local and their new business ventures. 

“We are passionate about giving everyone the opportunity to start their own rental business through the Ruckify app while helping the environment.”

– Ruckify Co-Founder, Steve Cody

Explore the Ruckify Marketplace here and get started on that side hustle!

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