Rent Electronics for Any Occasion on Ruckify

The idea of renting what you need instead of buying isn’t a new concept- especially for electronics. Perhaps you only need an item for a day or two? Instead of spending your hard-earned money on the full price, why not rent what you need on Ruckify?

Ruckify is the world’s largest rental marketplace for absolutely anything imaginable. People just like you post their items for rent,  users can then rent it for an allotted time, and return it when they’re finished. This model that allows you to rent instead of buy is simple, cost effective, beneficial for the environment, and really fun!

Electronics are the most sought-after product category in our modern world. Luckily, Ruckify has tons of electronic rentals to choose from! 

1. VR Headset (Gaming Headset)

VR (virtual reality) is the future of gaming. A VR headset enhances your gaming experience and is perfect for entertainment. Depending on where you go to buy your electronics, an Oculus Go could cost you upwards of $150+. However, you can rent the VR headset for only $30 a day or $85 for a whole week. That’s massive savings.

2. HD Projector

Ruckify rents out plenty of projector items for you to choose from, like a 85” screen that costs about $40 per day to rent,  you can even add a projector screen for the full setup! Connect the projector to a console or high-end sound system to seamlessly play video for you and all of your friends to enjoy at your next movie night. 

3. Wireless Printer

Another great electronic rental on Ruckify is a wireless printer that allows you to scan, fax, and print using your phone. Many people don’t use printers regularly so renting one when you need it most makes way more sense that purchasing one outright! You can get a wireless printer on Ruckify for $20 a day or $55 a week! 

4. Karaoke Machine

A karaoke machine is the perfect addition to any party or social event. This Bluetooth karaoke microphone can play treble, alto, and bass effects while maintaining the quality of the sound of your voice. Rates for this electronic on Ruckify start at $10 for a day or $45 for a whole month!

5. Microphones

Microphones are essential for recording any audio, whether that be in the studio or in your home office. Microphones make up a large part of the electronics on Ruckify, meaning your options are endless. You can find wireless, handheld microphones, mountable microphones, or ultra-professional broadband mics. Prices typically fall around $40 or less per day.

6. AV Equipment

If you are in the audio, film, or music production industry, you will need AV equipment like mics, amps, cords, etc. Ruckify has some of the best mics and also some great rental options for amplifiers– one of their amps starts at $100 for a week. You can rent AV equipment for personal use or for an event.

7. iRobot Vacuum

The best electronic to rent on Ruckify has to be a vacuum. Ok, maybe only if you have a sea of carpet to clean, but it’s still a great rental nonetheless. If you can’t find an iRobot vacuum on Ruckify, look for other vacuums like the Hoover carpet cleaner that starts at $25 per day.

8. Fabric Steamer

Bordering on the appliance category, a fabric steamer works wonders for keeping your clothing looking sleek and professional. This is great to use for job interviews, weddings, or any formal event where a wrinkle would be a faux pas. This Ruckify electronic rental costs about $15 for daily use.

Now that you’ve seen a few of the best electronic rentals on Ruckify, it’s time to change how you shop. Renting with Ruckify puts more money in your pocket and gives you zero buyer’s remorse. You can even post your own items on Ruckify and make extra money!  Check it out.

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