Ruckify and Wheelestate

Rent Anything Marketplace Ruckify Acquires Ruckify RV

The world’s largest rental marketplace to add RV rentals to their portfolio

November 8th, 2019

Ruckify, the community marketplace for everything rentals, today announced that they have acquired Wheel Estate. Ruckify, which has been called “The Airbnb of things” by media and the press, allows community members to save time and money renting just about anything from neighbor-to-neighbor, local professionals, and small businesses. Ruckify RV is a peer-to-peer RV rental service connecting campers from all over the world traveling North America with RV owners from across Canada. Renters enjoy camping without the burdens of ownership, while owners turn their parked assets into extra income. 

Ruckify comes equipped with two founding partners, Steve Cody and Bruce Linton. Linton’s mindset is that of global domination, “we are creating something really big to take to the capital markets,” noted Linton in an interview with CBC. He brings to the table the knowledge he recently acquired after building international cannabis company Canopy Growth. A company he took from a $0-$20 billion market cap, and from 0 to over 4000 employees in under 6 years. His ability to take an idea and turn it into a billion-dollar business is unmatched. 

“Bruce [Linton] and I spent a lot of time searching for the right partner with the right expertise, that would align with our global ‘share-anything’ mission,” comments Ruckify’s CEO & co-founder Steve Cody, “to acquire an organization that shares the same mission of improving the positive impact we can have on the environment, by lowering our carbon footprint through rentals, is really something special.” 

Ruckify will incorporate thousands of users on the Wheel Estate platform with the Ruckify marketplace, which is already live in 30 cities with another 20 in their sights. Ruckify will help Wheel Estate renters continue to get quality RVs, as well as provide access to a wide array of adventure rentals across North America. Each reservation is backed by a $1M insurance policy at no extra charge. Travelers also have access to 24/7 Roadside Assistance during their trip. For existing Ruckify users, the Wheel Estate acquisition means an even larger, more valuable community, as well as easier access to an enormous selection of high-quality RV and trailer rentals. 

Since Wheel Estate launched in 2017, it has been an incredible resource for RV trailer owners and aspiring travelers alike to hit the road and explore the great outdoors with ease and peace of mind. By making camping more affordable and accessible for everyone, Wheel Estate is getting people outside, and creating meaningful experiences – every trip. The RV rental marketplace will continue to be operated by the co-founding team, Cherie and Chad Ball, and it will be business as usual from their Calgary headquarters. Together this partnership will allow both parties to serve their community even more powerfully.

“Ruckify and Wheel Estate complement one another very well, and our sense of community and shared vision makes this partnership a great fit for both organizations. Our success in recent years has been led by our determination and ability to not only bring people together online but more importantly, connect them off-line in the real world – by sharing access and affordability to the outdoors,” said Cherie Ball, Vice President and co-founder of Wheel Estate. 
About Ruckify: 

Ruckify is an industry-changing, online person-to-person rental marketplace, designed with both people and businesses in mind. Their platform is built on trust, honesty, and a true passion for rentals. Ruckify gives its online community the opportunity to not only help the environment but also support someone local and their new business venture — a business model that is very in line with that of Wheel Estate. 

Steve Cody has been a serial entrepreneur his entire career, building and selling several rental companies. Prior to Ruckify, Cody has spent recent years developing Better, a tech company that creates comprehensive business software for small businesses. 

Ottawa tech veteran, Bruce Linton has fostered, developed and sold over 30 companies, and brings his business savvy know-how to the Ruckify community as its co-founder. Together, they have created an online marketplace harboring thousands of users who all share the same vision of owning less and experiencing far more. 

What’s Next for Ruckify RV and Ruckify?

The synergy between Ruckify and Ruckify RV will unlock new opportunities and add even more value for our combined community and partners. This combination will allow us to gain scale, resources, and market presence to better serve our members and compete across many verticals. As part of Ruckify, we will maintain Wheel Estate’s distinctive capabilities and culture, while driving growth for both companies.” Chad Ball, President, and co-founder of Wheel Estate.

Teaming up with Ruckify RV, Ruckify is working towards a sharing economy world that makes use of technology the way it was intended: to foster efficiency and leverage the idea of collaborative consumption. To connect us with our neighbors in our community, in our city, in our country, and across the world. To the Ruckify RV community: welcome to the Ruckify family!

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