Ruckify Building a Side-Hustle

Put Extra Cash in Your Pocket with Your Portable Heater

Portable heaters or space heaters are great for heating small areas! These devices come in all shapes, and sizes and can either be powered by electricity or fuel like oil, propane, gas, or wood pellets. If you have a portable heater that you don’t use every day, you can make money off of it by posting it on Ruckify!

How can I Make Money with my Portable Heater?

Ruckify is the world’s largest online peer-to-peer rental marketplace that connects Renters and Owners to facilitate the exchange of items in communities across North America. Ruckify provides you with a safe and reliable marketplace to rent out everyday items from around your home like portable heaters!

Posting your items on Ruckify is quick and easy and only requires 4 simple steps. After you’ve posted your portable heater, you can sit back, relax, and let the rentals role in!

How Much Money can I make by Posting my Heater?

How much money you make depends on a few factors. First, it depends on how much you post your item for. You’re in complete control with how much money you earn for each rental. Second, it depends on how many times you rent your item. The more you rent, the more you make! On average, Owners are renting their portable heaters on Ruckify for $5 a day, to $15 a week. Prices vary depending on the quality of your item, some space heaters are being rented for as much as $95 a day, or $195 a week!

What Type of Portable Heaters can I Post?

If you’re curious about what types of portable heaters you can post on Ruckify, we’ve taken the time to list a few examples below that you can use for inspiration!

Freestanding Electric Patio Heater

This freestanding electric patio heater is being rented on Ruckify for $95 a day or $135 a week. This heater can cover a large area, making it perfect for outdoor parties or gatherings. This heater is also electric which means there is no flame, and it doesn’t burn oxygen. This rental requires no installation and has an impressive lifespan of 8000 hours! This is a high-end, portable rental that users can plugin and enjoy with no fuss.

Portable Utility Heater with a Thermostat

This portable utility heater is being rented on Ruckify for $5 a day or $15 a week. This rental is a perfect option for people who are looking to warm up a basement, garage, or other small areas. This rental features two heat settings and a thermostat that will automatically regulate the heat. This piece of equipment also doubles as a cooling fan that can be used during warmer months of the year.

Start Your Ruckify Side-Hustle

Side a Ruckify side-hustle is quick and requires no upfront costs or investments. It’s as simple as uploading a few photos, adding a brief product description, and setting your price! Posting your items on Ruckify is super easy and can be done in a matter of minutes! Are you interested in posting your portable heater on Ruckify? Click here to get started.

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Are you interested in joining the Ruckify community? As a gift, we would like to give you $35 RuckBucks that you can use to put towards any rental of your choice! When you sign-up using this link or code BLOG35, you will receive $35 RuckBucks! Click here to claim your gift.

Sign-Up To Ruckify

Sign-up today with code 100TREES for $35 RuckBucks, and Ruckify will plant up to 100 trees when you make your first rental within 30 days.

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