Post Your Regretful Purchases on Ruckify to Start Earning Money Today.

It’s no secret that we all own a few pricey items that we regret buying. Maybe you have some expensive gym equipment lying around that goes unused? Or maybe you have an extravagant popcorn machine or cotton candy maker that you bought for a carnival themed party and only used once? Luckily, you can redeem yourself.

Instead of fretting over your regretful purchases, you can use these items to make money by posting them on Ruckify. Ruckify is an industry- changing, online peer-to-peer rental marketplace that enables you to rent anything, anywhere, anytime. Additionally, you can post your items on Ruckify and rent them to people in your community to earn extra money.

What regretful purchases can I post on Ruckify and how can I use them to make money?

Kitchen Appliances

We’re all guilty of having that one cupboard or closet that’s overflowing with kitchen appliances that go unused. Or maybe, you’re the type of person that likes to have your chic Kitchen Aid mixer on full display, taking up all that valuable counter space.

Nothing beats a good flyer sale or express shipping online, but sometimes we get carried away and purchase items that we don’t need or hardly use. If you’re guilty of purchasing an appliance or two that you may or may not use, you may want to consider posting them on Ruckify.

If you have kitchen appliances like a Kitchen Aid mixer, spiralizer, soda stream, sous vide cooker, or an electric turkey knife, you can start making money by posting them on Ruckify.

In addition to posting your items on Ruckify, you can also create a RuckifyStore, allowing you to start your own rental business if you have multiple items. Click here to learn more about creating a RuckifyStore.

Musical Instruments

Maybe you’re a music aficionado with an impressive collection of musical instruments or maybe you purchased an instrument on a whim hoping to pick up a new skill or practice a new hobby. Either way, you’ve got an instrument or two laying around going unused. Instead of collecting dust, you can use your instruments to collect an additional income by posting them on Ruckify.

Not only can you use your items to put extra money in your pocket, but you’re also helping the environment by giving people in your community the opportunity to rent instead of buy.  

Consider viewing all of the various Rental Categories on Ruckify for inspiration and tips on how to post your own items.

Exercise & Sports Equipment  

We’re all guilty of owning one or two pieces of exercise equipment that go unused. Everybody talks about the dreaded gym memberships that were purchased in January and rarely used but just as many people buy expensive exercise equipment and have the same regret.

 Every time January rolls around we tell ourselves that we’re going to use our treadmill, or set of hand weights but time rolls by and they end up staying in the same location. Instead of regretting your purchases and loathing over an exercise routine gone by, you can use your exercise equipment to earn extra money by posting them on Ruckify.

In addition to exercise equipment, you can also post your sports equipment on Ruckify. Do you have a garage full of equipment that goes unused 80% of the time? Maybe an extra set of skis, snowshoes, skates, rollerblades, bikes, or even a canoe? These are all great items to post on Ruckify!

Check out this post on Ruckify where Stephen is earning up to $85 CAD a week by renting dumbbells that he already owned! That’s an extra $85 CAD in his pocket for renting out fitness equipment that was just sitting around his house.

Ruckify has created a super convenient way for you to make money from the comfort of your own home with items you already own. Whether you splurged on a piece of equipment you hardly use or bought a kitchen appliance for a special occasion, you can start using these items to put extra money in your pocket! All you have to do is post your items on Ruckify for people in your community to rent. Not only does this help people in your community by giving them the opportunity to buy instead of rent, but it also helps the environment.

Are you interested in learning more about posting your regretful purchases on Ruckify? Click here.

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