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Personal VS Business Branding

a new episode of the TreeHouse podcast is available now! In this episode, Paige Cody and Adrienne Taylor discuss personal vs business branding and the secrets to successful influencer marketing. Let’s talk about it…

What is branding? 

The word brand is such a vague concept. To put it simply, branding is to give your service or product a unique and recognizable identity through the use of symbols, logo, name, and design. By using these tools correctly, you can create and control the subconscious impact your brand has on potential consumers that will ultimately make you memorable. Using these visual marketing techniques will also inspire emotionally based responses — creating personal connections with potential consumers. 

Here at Ruckify, we describe our brand like somebody’s house. The first impression our platform users get when they visit the website or app should mimic the same feeling they get if they were to walk into our home (or office). We achieve this through visual consistency — harnessing a feeling of freedom and creating a lifestyle for our consumers. 

“You want your brand to inspire a feeling. You want to sell people on a lifestyle, and not just on a product or service”. — Paige Cody

Creating a personal brand

With so many accessible social platforms, personal branding is all around us. And this comes as no surprise given the rise of influencer marketing and the fact that younger generations have thousands of technological platforms at their fingertips. 

We asked former musician turned social media influencer Adrienne Taylor how she developed her personal brand. With over 40K followers over all platforms, it comes as no shock that Taylor has taken her knowledge of branding and has now helped dozens of companies nationwide develop and grow their own unique brands, and continue to succeed given her expertise. 

There is a resounding notion when it comes to building your personal brand; that is to stay authentic and remain consistent. Your personal brand is a visual representation of you, and should reflect your most authentic self. In creating your own personal brand, you quickly become a marketing expert and designer, as you will need to teach yourself how to use the necessary platforms and tools so that your online identity provides your followers with the same feeling as meeting you face to face and shaking your hand. 

“It’s about telling your story — who you are.” — Adrienne Taylor

Personal vs business branding

There is a strong connection between personal and business branding. The difference, however, lies on the kind of content you are putting out into the world. Know your audience and streamline your content well, paying attention to what will reach which audience and demographic. 

adrienne taylor and paige cody discuss personal vs business branding

Turn your business brand into a lifestyle by reaching out to influencers and collaborating with them. Work with people who have developed their personal brand, and capitalize on their following. It is proven that consumers are more likely to purchase a product if they see an image of it in use. By having influencers sport your product and post images of them using it, potential consumers build a real connection with your product or service and are more likely to visit your store. 

“If your website, messaging, imagery and content is all over the place you create a level of uncertainty, and you won’t be able to achieve that foundation of trust with your customer”. -Paige Cody

Across both branding categories, consistency is always a key to success, as change can often be jarring to your committed clientele. Here at Ruckify, we maintain a consistent aesthetic across all online platforms. We sell the feeling of freedom, not just a rental platform. How? Well, ask yourself when you feel the freest? We think of the great outdoors, breathing in the fresh crisp air, traveling, exploring, seeing and experiencing, and use those visuals to harness that same feeling to our partners and consumers. 

Our online platforms are consistent and complementary of one another – down to the color. Our marketers researched color psychology, discovering which colors would best describe the feelings of energy, wakefulness, trust, security, and tranquility. 

Live and breathe your brand — whether it be personal or business, be authentic, be consistent, and you will succeed.  

Get involved and give us your opinion!

Let us know your tips and tricks regarding business vs personal branding or experience with influencer marketing by sharing them in the comments of the comments below OR the comments section of this TreeHouse episode and social channels. A tree will be planted for each person who shares their story.  

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