Peddle in Big Bucks with Your Bicycles or Exercise Bikes on Ruckify

Do you have a bike in your shed that you don’t use anymore? Or an indoor exercise bike that’s taking up valuable lounge space? You can post them on Ruckify to make money or start your very own side-hustle! All you have to do is add a photo and a brief description, set your price, and you’re good to go! As soon as you post your bicycle or exercise bike, people in your community will be able to view and rent them on Ruckify.

Haven’t heard of Ruckify? It’s the world’s largest online peer-to-peer rental marketplace that connects renters and owners in communities all across North America. Ruckify provides a cost-effective solution for renters and a hassle-free means of earning for owners.

Why Should I post my Bikes on Ruckify?

Your bikes are exactly what travelers, explorers, and first-time visitors in your community are looking for! If you have an old children’s bike, a mountain bike, an electric bike, or even an exercise bike like a Peloton you can be making money on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis by posting them on Ruckify.

You can make money from travelers, health enthusiasts, careful buyers, or even just people in your community who are looking for something new to try out by posting bikes of all kinds on Ruckify.

What kind of Bike can I Post on Ruckify?

1. Kids’ Bikes

If you have kids, then you know that they outgrow equipment like crazy. If you have old kids bicycles that are taking up space or collecting dust, you can post them on Ruckify instead of selling or discarding them. Posting them on Ruckify will help you generate a recurring revenue from items that were otherwise going unused.

This frozen themed kids’ bike is currently posted on Ruckify for $8 a day. If you have one similar you could be making the same money by posting it on Ruckify!

2. Comfortable Bikes for Touring

Do you have a bike that you think would be perfect for travelers or tourists in your city? Put it to good use by posting it on Ruckify!

Tour bikes are being rented on Ruckify for $15-$20 a day. If you have a tour bike with additional accessories like a carrier, basket, baby seat, or helmet, you can charge even more! Click here to check out a similar tour bike rental on Ruckify!

3. Electric Bikes

Electric bikes are the item of choice for people who don’t want to pedal much but still want to bike through their favorite places. These bikes are quite expensive, and not everyone’s cup of tea.

If you have one, you can charge an hourly rate of $25 on Ruckify like this one here and help people test it out before purchasing their own!

4. Mountain Bikes

Chances are if you’re an adventurer, you’re not using your equipment all the time. Instead of letting your mountain bike go unused, you can post it on Ruckify so you can earn money for your next epic adventure!

This AMS mountain bike can be rented for $40 a day on Ruckify, and you can make the same amount or charge more depending on the make, model, and condition of your bike.

5. Indoor Exercise Bikes

Indoor exercise bikes are ideal for people who want to get a good workout in at home. Additionally, they are great for patients who need rehab after a surgery.

Owners are earning $50 or more by posting their stationary bikes on Ruckify and you can too! Click here to check the kind of stationary bikes people are posting on Ruckify.

Make Money by Posting Your Bike on Ruckify Today

Making money has never been easier. Ruckify allows you to sit back and relax while your side-hustle runs itself. Are you interested in posting your bike on Ruckify? Click here to learn how.

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