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Let Your Party Games Out to Play

Special occasions need to be celebrated properly and there’s no better way to celebrate than getting together with some friends or family to play some awesome party games! But how can you find the latest and greatest games? You can find exactly what you’re looking for on Ruckify!

Ruckify has a huge assortment of party games to choose from so you can host the perfect party with all the best games! Alternatively, you can post your party games on Ruckify so other people in your community can enjoy them and host a memorable party of their own. The best part? You get to make money by renting items you already own.

Why Should I Post my Items on Ruckify?

For the most part, party games and supplies are only used for special occasions. You purchase them with good intentions, and only end up using them a handful of times. Ruckify helps you extend the life-cycle of your items and gives people in your community the opportunity to save money by renting instead of buying.

Additionally, posting your games on Ruckify will help you offset the costs of your games. You can rent your games and make back the money that you paid or maybe even turn a profit!

What Games Can I Post on Ruckify?

The options are truly endless and you can post almost anything on Ruckify! We’ve taken the time to put together a list that you can use for inspiration.

1. Giant Jenga

Jenga is a classic party favorite! It’s suitable for all ages and brings out your competitive streak in the best of ways. Ruckify has a supersized giant Jenga setup that will keep any party guests entertained. This setup can be rented for $28 a day. Do you have any giant party games? Post them on Ruckify today to make extra cash!

2. Casino Nights

Casino nights are always popular and tons of fun but an authentic experience can be difficult to replicate. Ruckify has tons of rentals that can be used to bring any casino night to the next level! A black jack table can be rented for $29.95 and a roulette wheel for $45. These games will help make anyone’s casino night memorable and authentic. Do you have games that you could rent to help bring someone’s casino night to life? Post them on Ruckify today!

3. Limbo

A classic beach themed party wouldn’t be the same without a limbo pole. Everyone at the party will want to give it a shot after a Pina Colada or two! You can build your own limbo set and rent it to people in your community for $50 a day, just one rental will pay for your initial costs!

4. Giant Connect 4

Suitable for all ages (as long as they are tall enough to reach the top), giant connect 4 is an excellent addition to any party. This wooden giant connect 4 game is available for $150 on Ruckify and it is sure to keep anyone at the party entertained! Do you have a party game that would be great for a backyard BBQ? Post it on Ruckify today!

5. Spinning Prize Wheel

Nothing lights up a room like a spinning prize wheel! This one is fully customizable and available on Ruckify for $28 a day. This customizable wheel is very versatile, you can even turn it into a drinking game when the kids go to bed! Do you have a unique party rental that is taking up space and collecting dust? You can make money by posting it on Ruckify!

6. Dunk Tank

A dunk tank is quite possibly the ultimate party game. It can be used at private parties, carnivals, or charity events. They never fail to entertain, as people line up to get revenge on their boss, parents, kids, or colleagues!  If you have one of these unique party games, you can rent it out for $295 a day.

7. Giant Twister

Twister is popular amongst people of all ages and this giant version of Twister puts an exciting twist on the original game. If you have a similar game, you can post it on Ruckify and make $20 a day!

8. Bubble Soccer

Bubble soccer is great if you’re looking for something epic! For $300 a day, you can rent out your own bubble soccer game to people in your community who are looking to bring their party to the next level! This is a great side-hustle for anyone looking for a creative way to generate an additional income.

Start Your Ruckify Side-Hustle Today

As you can see, the options are endless! You can start your very own side-hustle just by posting your extra or unused party games on Ruckify. Click here to learn more about posting your own items on Ruckify.

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