Learn How to Promote Your RuckifyStore and Gain More Exposure for Your Items

Your RuckifyStore is your one stop shop to creating a thriving side-hustle. The key to taking your RuckifyStore to the next level is promotion. When you post your items on Ruckify, you’re automatically exposing your items to an entire community of potential Renters but it always helps to take it one step further by promoting your items to more people.

How Can I Promote my RuckifyStore?

Social Media

Social media is a great tool that can be used to promote your RuckifyStore or specific items. Ruckify enables you to share items or your entire store directly from the platform to your social media channels. Sharing your rentals on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn helps you reach more people. Share specific rentals or your RuckifyStore on social media to spread the word about your new side-hustle while helping your items gain more exposure!

Join a Rent Anything Group

Promoting your items in existing marketplaces or Rent Anything Groups makes it possible for you to reach potential Renters in your community. Ruckify’s Rent Anything Groups enable community members to find what they’re looking for both quickly and efficiently. There could be someone in your community looking for an item that can be found on your RuckifyStore! Join your local Rent Anything Group today to find out.

Share the Experience

Ruckify provides you with a custom referral code that you can use as an extra incentive with your network! Every time one of your friends or family member’s sign-up you get a cut. Your referral will receive $25 in RuckBucks plus an additional $10 in RuckBucks as they will have also qualified for Ruckify’s sign-up promotion. Share the Ruckify experience with your network today!

How Can I Grow my RuckifyStore?

When promoting your RuckifyStore, it is important to first set yourself up for success. Consider implementing these best practices to optimize your RuckifyStore before sharing it with your network.

Best practices for growing your RuckifyStore include competitive pricing, flex rates and promotions, clear communication, posting quality items, and utilizing high quality photos and in-depth descriptions to promote your items. Click here to learn more about growing your RuckifyStore and standing out amongst competing stores.

Things to Keep in Mind

Your RuckifyStore is completely customizable and easy to manage. You can build your RuckifyStore your way by developing and inserting a custom logo, store name, and description. Your RuckifyStore also makes it possible for you to streamline the entire rental process by enabling you to chat directly with your customers and sort incoming requests. You can also adjust your notification settings and put your store on nap mode when you’re away. 

Customizing your RuckifyStore is a great way to establish your brand and help your store stand out. You can even choose which items to feature on your store!

Promoting your RuckifyStore is simple, especially when you’re active on social media and have an existing network. Don’t forget to share your store on Facebook or join a Rent Anything Group in your community!  Click here to learn more about making the most out of your RuckifyStore.

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