Keep Calm and Skate on With Extra Cash in Your Pocket

Winter is fast approaching and that means that fun winter sports like skating are just around the corner! If you live somewhere with a snowy climate, you most likely have a ton of winter sports equipment lying around. Maybe you have snowshoes, snowboards, toboggans, sleds, skis, or even skates? The plus side to having all of this winter equipment taking up space in your garage or storage closet is that you can use it to make money!

What Skates Can I Post on Ruckify?

You can post anything from hockey skates to figure skates! No matter what type of skates you have, there is someone in your community that’s waiting to rent them! Below is a list of skates that are currently on Ruckify that you can reference for inspiration.

Women’s Ice Skates

Do you have a pair of women’s ice skates that are taking up valuable space? You can rent yours on Ruckify for $6 a day or $1.50 an hour depending on the quality of your skates. Prices vary and you can choose a price that works for you.

If you purchased your skates brand new they most likely cost anywhere from $45-$120, meaning you could make your money back just by renting them to people in your community!

These brand-new Vic Dream ice skates are perfect for any women that wants to get into figure skating! They can even be used to skate on an outdoor rink with friends and family.

Bauer Nexus Junior Hockey Skates

If you played hockey when you were younger or have a son or daughter that plays every season, you probably have spare hockey skates lying around. You could rent these skates on a daily or weekly basis to someone in your community that is looking to have some winter fun of their own!

You can make $5 a day or $20 a week just by renting skates that you aren’t using anymore. Junior hockey skates are a great item to post on Ruckify because they help people in your community access what they need for a day of family fun at an affordable price.  

CCM Hockey Skates

If you have hockey skates that you don’t use frequently, you may want to consider renting them on a monthly basis. Renting out your items for months at a time is great if you don’t use them often. Additionally, renting your skates for longer means you can make even more money!

These CCM skates are available on Ruckify for $50 a month and are ideal for someone looking to sharpen their hockey skills!

Renting out your winter sports equipment or skates monthly allows you to free up more time. Instead of facilitating multiple rentals, you can simply choose to rent out your items for a longer period. If you have a garage full of winter equipment or even just a few pieces you don’t use very often, you can post them on Ruckify to start earning an additional revenue stream!

Post Your Skates on Ruckify Today

Posting your items on Ruckify is quick and easy. Simply snap a photo, add a brief description, set your price, and you’re good to go! Posting your skates on Ruckify only takes a couple of minutes and you can reap the benefits all winter long. Click here to learn more about posting your items today.

Rent What You Need for Your Next Adventure

Are you planning your own winter adventure? Instead of buying the winter sports equipment that you need, why not consider renting it? Ruckify’s online rental marketplace enables you to rent anything you might need like skis, snowboards, toboggans, and more! Click here to learn more about what winter sports equipment is available on Ruckify.

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