It’s Time to Celebrate Because You Can Make Money with Your Party and Event Supplies

Planning a party or an event is no easy task. You need to pick a date, buy all the necessary decorations and equipment, and make sure everything is perfect. Buying the perfect party decorations takes weeks, but once you’re done, it goes straight to the storage room to be forgotten until your next event. All those beautiful glow balls, decorating lights, mini chalkboards, fancy wine glasses, welcoming garlands and many other things you gathered to make your event perfect are put away and forgotten.  

You can either keep your décor in storage, or you can use it to earn some extra cash. Ruckify’s peer-to-peer rental marketplace makes it possible for you to put your equipment and décor to good use. You can post your unused or forgotten party and events supplies on Ruckify for people in your community to rent. The Party and Events Category on the Ruckify Marketplace makes it super easy for people in your community to browse your merchandise and rent what they need.

Need some inspiration? Here are some items that you can post:

Decorating Lights/Bulbs/LEDs:

What’s a party without an aesthetic light décor? Every event and party has a theme, and you can’t make a theme successful without perfect lighting to set the mood. There are led strips, glow balls, fairy lights or even traditional bulbs! Say goodbye to tangled wires filling up your storage box by renting your party lights on Ruckify!

Price on Ruckify: When posting your lights as a party and event rental, you can charge as low as 2$ or as high as 60$ for simple lighting options or as high as $350 for a more intricate setup.

Photo Booths:

Photo booths are a popular part of any party, and you don’t see a successful one without them. However, if you bought one for yours, it must be taking a lot of space and being a nuisance. Renting your photo booth on Ruckify not only saves you from the worry of putting them somewhere but also makes you money, all the while being useful to others. Your booth can be used for people having weddings, farewells, business events or proms.

Price on Ruckify: Depending the extravagance of your item, you can earn anywhere from 65$ to more than 2000$ by posting your photo booth as an event rental on Ruckify.

Mini Chalkboards:

Who doesn’t love mini décor equipment that brightens up the empty corners of our events with funny, quirky, motivational, or serious quotes? Mini chalkboards are a perfect addition to your day-time event decoration but are difficult to store and keep track of because of their small size. Why not help those who are having a small wedding or putting up a small restaurant in your community by posting your mini chalkboards for rent on Ruckify.

Price on Ruckify: These mini chalkboards can be put up as party rentals for $1 to $5 per piece.

Wine Glasses:

A party without drinks? Doesn’t sound right, does it? But what about the extra glasses you bought and never use? Fancy wine glasses are a staple for huge events and parties but are expensive to buy and difficult to put away. You can make extra money by posting your fancy wine glasses on Ruckify for other people in your community to use at their next big event.

Price on Ruckify: You can charge up to $10/piece for your fancy wine glasses.

What Can I do With the Extra Money I Make on Ruckify?

The monetary benefits of posting your party and event Rentals on Ruckify are endless! Check out some of the perks:

  • Save your extra money for the rainy days.
  • Build up your business.
  • Invest in buying more items, and rent them for more money.
  • Use the money to finally take a long overdue vacation.
  • Save up money for your home and car.
  • Pay off your debts.

Now that you know how to put your party and event equipment to good use, it’s time to start your easy-to-maintain side-hustle. Click here to learn how to post your items on Ruckify today.

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