Is Your Décor Taking up Valuable Space or Collecting Dust? Post it on Ruckify!

Have you been looking for ways to make extra cash? You can make your dreams a reality by posting your home décor, room décor, Christmas decorations and more on Ruckify! Renting your décor is a quick and easy way to put extra cash in your pocket and Ruckify makes it super simple!  

Why Should I Post My Items on Ruckify?

1. Help Someone in Your Community

Let’s face it; the countless boxes of décor you decorated tables with, or the fairy lights you have been putting up every Christmas for the past three years are no longer useful for you, but they might be for someone else! Ruckify lets you rent your spare décor and allows you to help people in your community by providing accessible and affordable options.

2. Eliminate Storage Problems

Are you tired of moving the arch you got made for your wedding from your backyard to your front lawn to your backyard again? It’s time to move those arches, bookshelves, decorative drapes and other home décor items that are making your life miserable out of the house. Simply post your items on Ruckify, let somebody else take care of it, and make extra money!

3. Recycle Your Items

Do you have a stack of wooden boards, signs and table numbers that you’re planning to throw away? They could come in handy for someone throwing a sweet sixteen! And the Mr. & Mrs. wooden boards? Someone in your community could be hosting a wedding! Be it home décor, room décor or Christmas decorations, Ruckify has a place for them all!

4. Ruckify Makes Renting Your Items Simple

Ruckify is extremely easy to use. All you have to do is snap a quick photo, write a brief description, and you’re good to go! Start your very own side-hustle by posting your items on Ruckify today.

Décor Rentals You Can Post on Ruckify:

1. Photo Booth Backdrops

Choosing the perfect backdrop for your event can be difficult and extremely costly if you’re looking to hire a professional or purchase one brand new. Luckily, Ruckify has tons of unique options to choose from.

Whether you purchased yours for a wedding, graduation, or any other themed event, there is definitely someone in your community that is looking to accomplish the same look!

Price on Ruckify: You can earn anywhere from $50 to $250 per day by renting your floral, sequinned, patterned or shimmery photo booth backdrops on Ruckify.

2. Wooden Letters and Signs

Wooden letters and signs are excellent wedding décor rentals! These decorations look elegant, and also hold guests’ interest by working as a background to their photos.

If you have wooden letters or signs that are taking up space in your garage or storage shed, why not post them on Ruckify?

Price on Ruckify: These signs and letters go for as little as $12 a day to as much as $100 a month on Ruckify. Prices vary depending on the item’s condition and appeal.

3. Bookshelves

In addition to unique décor pieces, you can also earn money by posting more common household décor items like bookshelves! Filming sets, photoshoot setups, pop-up stores, or book fairs might need your bookshelves to make their work or event a success.

Price on Ruckify: Depending on the size, quality and condition, this home décor item can get you $25 to $250 monthly.

4. Napkins and Tablecloths

Going without tablecloths that match the rest of your event decorations, or napkins that add a burst of color to each and every table is simply not an option when staging an event.

If you’ve already spent the money on similar items for an event, it’s time you make it back by renting them on Ruckify. You can rent these items to people having proms, going-away parties, or even weddings!

Price on Ruckify: You can earn a dollar on every napkin your rent for a day. Depending on the extravagance of your tablecloths, you could earn anywhere from $15 to $28.

Post Your Home Décor Items on Ruckify Today

Make the most out of Ruckify’s peer-to-peer rental marketplace by posting your décor-related items today. Are you interested in learning more about growing your RuckifyStore? Click here to learn how to gain more exposure for your items.

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