How To Make The Most Out Of Your RuckifyStore

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Your RuckifyStore

Building your own RuckifyStore can be the key to filling any income gaps you’re experiencing during this COVID-19 pandemic. By renting out items in your home to your community you are sharing with those in need. As well, you are generating a rental income without having to invest anything into it. Ruckify is an entrepreneurial dream for people wanting to turn a simple side hustle into their own fully functional small business. 

Making your store on Ruckify is easy, and members of the marketplace will, sure enough, stumble upon your page in search of your items. Though there are ways to speed this up a bit. The Ruckify marketplace is great but you don’t have to stop there. You can do anything from sharing your store across different media, and marketplaces, and you can do it in a way that makes you money. This applies even if they don’t book any of your items for rent. 

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Look Professional

To start, the look and set up of your RuckifyStore can make all the difference, not only does it attract visitors, but it also builds credibility and puts a professional face on your store. To achieve this ensures the store itself looks great with a nice logo, header, name, and description. Be sure to visitors a bit about yourself in the description to build up trust and credibility. 

Then you need to organize your categories and ensure everything is easy to navigate. Though, organizing the look of your store can be useless if the item themselves aren’t looking their best. That is why Ruckify recommends taking your time with the posting process. This ensures that you have good pictures, descriptions, and anything else a visitor might be interested to know when stumbling upon your item. 

Share With Social

Now it’s time to share your RuckifyStore with all your friends and family that you have your own rental store and are totally operational and ready for booking. This can be accomplished easily by sharing on your different social platforms consistently. Include images of your items so everyone knows exactly what they could be renting from you and at what price. 

Make sure to attach a link to your store in the caption or your bio to ensure people have quick access directly to your RuckifyStore. When people check out your store, even if they don’t book something right away, they will keep it in mind for when they need any of your items in the future. 

ruckify side hustle

Share With Everyone

So, you have shared with your friends and family that follow you on social media but what about the rest of your community? This is where you can really start pulling in many hits to your RuckifyStore. All you have to do is start consistently sharing your store in marketplaces such as Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, or any other online forum that people visit in search of an exchange. 

This way, your item can be displayed to an entire community of people. People that can now click your link and find exactly what they are looking for. All without having to actually purchase it but to rent it instead! You can even specify it by item to ensure that the people looking for your exact stuff can find you quickly and easily.

Start Recruiting New Members

Share more than just items on your RuckifyStore, share the experience as well. Once again, Ruckify is offering the community a new way to generate income in the easiest way possible. Have people sign up today and you can start earning cash. All from sharing your Ruckify referral code with your friends, family, and neighbors — at a safe distance, of course. 

When members sign up to Ruckify’s peer-to-peer rental marketplace with your referral link, they will receive $25 RuckBucks towards their first booking on the platform. The best part? When they rent from someone, 10% of their booking goes directly into your pocket with a minimum earning of $10. That’s all you have to do. 

 A key way to do this is to share your referral link with everyone you know. When you notice a gap of inventory in the marketplace, tell someone you know has that item sitting idle in their home. The more people sharing in Ruckify’s marketplace is the more opportunity you will have when renting your items out to your community. This is why when you start posting about your store on your social media and in different marketplaces. Consider including your referral link so even if they don’t book anything from you. You can be generating cash simply but them signing onto the platform. 

Ruckify’s best-in-class referral program is the perfect way to fill any income gaps. Especially those caused by the devastating COVID-19 pandemic. So, you never have to miss a beat and can start earning even when you aren’t renting your items back.

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