Have You Been Looking for a Musical Instrument? Here are 5 of The Best Music Rentals on Ruckify:

Picking up a new hobby or purchasing an instrument outright can be expensive and somewhat unnecessary, especially if you aren’t completely sold on the idea. Maybe you’re a beginner and want to make sure you aren’t just going through a phase with your new music classes? Or maybe, being a musician is a lifelong hobby and you’ve been considering purchasing your very own instrument. Renting as opposed to buying is a cost-effective alternative and it also allows you to try out different brands, models, and makes so you can be sure you won’t have any buyer’s remorse when you finally splurge on the real thing.

Ruckify has a category dedicated specifically for music related items where you can find anything from advanced pianos to guitar clippers and stage lights. If you’re a music lover then you’re going to love these rentals!

1. Gloss Black Acoustic Guitar

This guitar is perfect for beginners and new learners. It has a laminated spruce top, which provides awesome amplification; its mid-sized body assists in balancing, and its projection ability makes it a perfect match for solo acoustic cafe gigs.

If you prefer a finger over a guitar pick, then this is a great choice. This guitar has a built-in tuner, which saves you from the hassle of adjustment and handling of external clip-ons. Rent it for your students, kids or yourself!

This guitar is perfect for an experienced musician or life-long learner. You can rent this guitar for as little as $28 CAD a month.

2. Beginner’s Flute

The Easter EFL-1 is another exciting music rental that is available on Ruckify! This flute is light-weight and easy to carry and look after, meaning you won’t have to worry about keeping it in pristine condition for the duration of your rental period.

This flute in is great condition which means the flute pads have faced no depression from use, meaning they will produce the perfect crisp sound. The Easter EFL-1 is perfect for jamming alongside a clarinet, bassoon, saxophone or even oboe if you’re looking to create a smooth harmony.

Rent this flute for as little as $15 CAD a month.

3. Aeon Handheld Infinite Sustainer

If you’re a guitar player looking to take your music to the next level then this sustainer is perfect for you! The Aeon Handheld Infinite Sustainer allows you to mimic the sound of the violin, clarinet, flute, cello, and several other instruments. Sustainers also enable musicians to produce synth-like effects or horror movie sounds without having to switch between various musical instruments.

If you’re looking to use a sustainer for your next gig or project for a fraction of the price you would pay for a brand new one, you can rent one for as little as 15$ USD a month on Ruckify.

4. Advanced Violin

Made in the Czech Republic, this quality instrument will help you take your craft to the next level. The Thomastik Dominant strings used in this violin are top of the line strings, providing you with a warm and rich sound each and every time.

The body of this violin is made of spruce, making this a quality instrument. The sleek appearance of this musical instrument is perfect for your next big gig in the spotlight.

This musical instrument retails for over $800 new so renting it for as little as $30 USD a month is a steal! Plus, it lets you try out an expensive instrument for a fraction of the price.

5. Control Stage Light- Sound Activated

Having an awesome stage presence can be expensive, especially if you’re an up-and-coming artist or still waiting for your big break. Renting music equipment rentals allows you to put on an amazing show for a fraction of the price.

These lights are sound activated, meaning you don’t need to hire an additional person to take care of the lights. These lights will react and operate in accordance with the rhythm of your band and they even come with their own stand so you don’t have to worry about setting them up or adjusting them part way through the show.

Rent What You Need on Ruckify

If you’re interested in finding a music instrument rental near you, then you should consider renting what you need on Ruckify. Ruckify’s peer-to-peer rental marketplace makes it easy for you to rent anything. Click here to browse your local Ruckify Marketplace to find music equipment rentals.

Do you have musical instruments or equipment that you would like to rent to people in your community? Click here to learn more about posting your items on Ruckify, and starting your very own side- hustle!

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