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Everything, Anytime – Even The Extreme! An Interview With The Amazing Carbone

It was a misty fall day, the perfect setting for our interview with “The Amazing Carbone”. A champion of Ruckify, Joseph Carbonetto is the owner of Intenseffex and is Stittsville’s resident spook show mastermind. 

Paige and I stood outside Joseph’s remarkable house, wondering what sort of adventure we had gotten ourselves into. After a long wait, he appeared at the door to welcome us. Clad in black, he invited us in. When we shook hands, both Paige and I were impressed by the strength of Joe’s grip, but noted that his ice-cold hand was more like that of a dead man than a living one… 

Still, the Master of Scares’ greeting was so warm and inviting, that our fears quickly vanished. 

Bringing Halloween to life in the nation’s capital

Joseph was born into a life of Halloween, a passion both he and his brother shared since childhood. Their home was always the spookiest, and the two would create terrifying costumes and scare trick-or-treaters that would dare approach the door.  

Since living in Stittsville, he has created and hosted many events for the community including The Manchester Hill Séance and Stittsville’s Haunted Heritage .


Beyond being Mr. Halloween in the west end of Ottawa, Ontario, he is prop man for AMC’s hit TV series The Walking Dead. Having developed iconic spooky props like Lucille (Negan’s first bat) and zombified corpses, ultimately led him to the name “Governor Joe” among TWD’s cast. 

Each year he transforms his home with extraordinary Halloween decorations that are sure to scare even the toughest humans and hosts the Goulbourn Spook Show — a terrifying display all on its own. Paige and I were lucky enough to get a sneak peek at the haunted house in its production phase. 

Turning a passion for fear into a business 

In a short time, we got to spend with Joseph, it was evident his passion for Halloween was more than just a hobby. This was a lifestyle. And that he has made it his mission to share his love for the scary and paranormal with his community and the world.

At first, Intenseffex.com started just as a hobby 15 years ago. Today, it has shown great achievement, as the development of Escape Manor Inc. and their Ottawa expansion over the last 5 years! Billy Rogers, the founder of Escape Manor has said that “Intenseffex has brought Escape Manor to new levels” and fueled their expansion to becoming the largest Escape room company in North America. Ready to supply equipment as well as fully catered meals in buffet style or full service, Intenseffex brings a custom and quality experience for those who wish for an event to remember! And now, these products are all available within Ruckify’s rental community

“I accumulate a lot of stuff for SFX movies and television. Sometimes stuff will come in, they’ll use it, and I’ll get it back — now what do I do with it?” 

Ruckify came into Joseph’s life just over a year ago. As Joseph continued to accumulate all of this extra “stuff”, he found Ruckify’s rental community platform was the perfect side-gig for him to recycle his inventory and rent it out to people who shared the same passion he does.

“Don’t forget, the millennial generation, and especially generation X&Z, don’t want to accumulate stuff.”

He blames his buying habits on his generation. He sometimes will still find himself baffled by the younger people renting from his RuckifyStore, thinking “why don’t you just buy this stuff?” That’s what Joseph calls the Baby Boomer mentality. A thought process he has now broken as the shift towards economic awareness and a sharing economy continues to emerge.

“You know what? I need this for now, but I don’t need it for later, but I do need it now”. 
jingle the clown halloween prop

For him, this is also where Ruckify comes in. Filling that whole niche of a generation, and allowing older generations to share their accumulated inventory of things with their community. With Ruckify, we can share our passions with those around us — no matter how spooky or extreme!

Meet Joseph Carbonetto — the king of Halloween in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. A true Ruckify star — watch now!

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