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In the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, the world is put on pause as people take precautions to ensure no contamination. As a result, many events have been cancel like the NBA, Disney, Coachella, and weddings. While large scale events being canceled is very concerning, more intimate events like weddings are not only concerning but disappointing. 

No one knows when the shadows of the virus will finally disappear. It is unclear to people how far to push events back. A problem that makes deposits and cancellation policy a major concern for couples. 

cancellations policy for events

Now the expense of lost deposits can take a huge hit at a wedding budget. Brides and grooms need an alternative option for planning their wedding. They need something low cost. Something with an extremely flexible cancellation policy, and everything under the sun to rent for seating, decor, and maybe even the white dress itself

The Solution

While there are many existing rental companies that cater to weddings specifically, none may have a low-cost and flexible cancellation like those offered on Ruckify. Ruckify is a peer-to-peer rent anything marketplace where anyone can post items or rent items from people in the community. 

Wedding Cancellations

By signing up for the marketplace you have access to everything wedding rentals in your community. Items that are just sitting idle in people’s garages. Ruckify’s three tiers of cancellations policy can be very lenient. This is because Ruckify, and your community, understand that things can change quickly. 

In times like this, with the spread of COVID-19, these are exactly the conditions young couples need to achieve the wedding of their dreams. All while also maintaining safety for all of their families and friends. Then, when the day comes, everything is ready at a fraction of the price you originally came up with.

Connect with a Ruckify representative today and get a rental partner dedicated to the success of your wedding!

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