Changing with the Seasons

Written By: Izzy Sicoli

Did you know that you can change your backyard to accommodate the seasons? Wouldn’t it be nice to switch items out when they’re no longer needed?

With Ruckify, you can do this! You can have a temporary summer pool, leaf blower for fall, hot tub for the winter, and landscaping tools for spring! Instead of buying these items and not knowing where to store them, you can rent them from Ruckify!

That way you can always up to change your backyard and make it perfect for every season! Renting is easier and much more environmentally friendly for everyone.

What to do with your backyard?

In general, backyards are mainly used during the summer. Let’s be honest, there isn’t much to do for the rest of the year.

It’s hard to add fun and life to your yard when you do not understand what to change about it. There are several reasons why you may not spend time in your yard, this includes working late, and most importantly not feeling the excitement when looking at your yard.

Backyards are like a spare room with bland walls and flooring. They serve a purpose, but you may not necessarily choose to spend time there. 

What is Ruckify?

Do you ever buy something and regret it later? Well, Ruckify can help with that!

Ruckify is the world’s largest peer-to-peer rental marketplace. On Ruckify it’s possible for you to rent items from others, as well as post your own items for others to rent!

Ruckify allows the community to grow together and be a part of the sharing economy. Instead of buying, it’s easier and healthier for the environment to rent items instead.

With Ruckify peer-to-peer rental marketplace you can get any equipment or items that you currently need and not have to worry about feeling guilty of buying them later. Continue reading, and we’ll show you what you can rent from Ruckify’s rent anything app!

Summer Rentals

In the summer, it’s fun to change activities up! With Ruckify’s rent everything app, this is possible. To keep yourself and your family entertained, you can get rentals such as an inflatable swimming pool, an ice cream machine, or patio furniture.

The swimming pool will allow you to stay cool in the sweltering heat and have a little fun outdoors! With the patio furniture, you’ll be able to eat outside and take in the fresh air.

The ice cream machine is a fun activity that you can do with your kids!

Winter Rentals

During the winter, few people use their backyard. In the winter, the freezing cold often tempts us to stay inside. Ruckify’s rent everything app allows us to get rentals that will change this.

To enjoy your backyard during the winter, you can rent a fire pit. This will allow you to go outside and stay warm at the same time!

Spring Rentals

Spring is can be beautiful, but it can also bore if you don’t know how to use your backyard. You can get backyard rentals from Ruckify’s rent everything app to change this!

You can rent landscaping tools that will allow you to improve the appearance of your back and front yard. A beautiful yard is a perfect excuse to spend time in it with your family.

Autumn Rentals

Autumn is a messy season, and we are often too preoccupied to do anything about it. With Ruckify’s leaf blower, you can blow those leaves away! Renting a leaf blower will encourage you to clean up your backyard and get rid of the messy!

You can enjoy autumn with this awesome tool!

You don’t need to buy an expensive camera to try your hand at nature photography.


Not everyone uses their backyard. You might work a lot, or just don’t know how you can improve your outdoor space. By reading this article, we’ve given you some ways that you can spruce up your backyard.

You won’t have to worry about purchasing the wrong item because if you don’t like it you can always return it to the owner! Renting gives us the opportunity to step outside our comfort zone and be unique.

The glorious thing about renting is that it’s so cheap! You don’t have to buy items to have the best experience. With Ruckify, you can get rentals for every season. You can get backyard patio furniture, and fun activities to keep yourself and your family entertained.

You’ll be able to relax outside all the time. Ruckify allows you to think outside the box when it comes to your life and backyard. Your backyard will be the best in the neighborhood! Try Ruckify’s rent anything app today to see just what we’re talking about!

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