Building A Side-Hustle: FAQs From Lesson One

After our first webinar for the “Building A Side-Hustle” six-part series, we had a lot of questions from our webinar attendees that we wanted to answer! We figured a lot of other Ruckify members (and potential members) would be interested in knowing some of the answers to these FAQs.  We had one of our Ruckify […]

United Way + Ruckify: Coming Together

There is an important story we do feel is worth your time and worth talking about with our wider Ruckify community.  Right now with social distancing in place, mental health professionals and their patients are struggling to maintain their check-ins and appointment schedules. There is an untold story with our most vulnerable community needing help.   […]

Waiving Our Service Fees

With people staying home due to the coronavirus outbreak, we understand that people are having financial troubles. We are committed to our members and we want our RuckifyStore owners to succeed amidst these difficult times. We wanted to start by waiving all service fees. We want our posters on Ruckify to earn the full amount […]

RuckifyExpress Delivery: Live Tracking Available

We are happy to announce that our RuckifyExpress delivery service just received an upgrade… we now have live tracking available! It will only be available on the mobile app for iOS and Android to begin but over time will be included on the website as well! The Uber-like feature will allow a member to easily […]

RuckifyExpress: Touchless and Cashless Delivery

Amid COVID-19, we wanted to talk more about something we have always had as part of our business model, but is even more relevant and important in today’s crisis. Our RuckifyExpress delivery is touchless and cashless. With RuckifyExpress we guarantee that your delivery driver will completely avoid contact with you if they are dropping or […]

How to Clean Your Rental Items

At Ruckify, our goal is to help in this current global crisis. We know people are struggling. Loss of income and supply chain issues are going to be a challenge for many. Ruckify offers a unique opportunity for people to generate an alternative stream of income by working from the comfort of their homes by […]

Broken Supply Chains Show Change Is Needed

For a long time, we’ve assumed that everything we wanted would be waiting for us on the shelves of our malls. But with the spread of Covid-19, better known as coronavirus, that idea is being shaken. You may have read some articles about “supply chain disruption” in recent weeks. It’s become an especially prominent topic […]

Ruckify Wins Green Award, All Thanks To You

Thank you, Ruckify community! With your help, we were the proud recipients of the Favourite Green Initiative award at the 2020 Ottawa Awards by FACES Magazine! From the beginning, Ruckify has been committed to building our community in a sustainable, environmentally conscious way. It started from a simple ethos: why buy something when you can […]

Ruckify: Modernizing The Age-Old Rental Industry

It’s safe to say that winter is fully upon us… and that driveway isn’t going to plow itself! You aren’t the first to rent that snowblower on Ruckify, and you certainly won’t be the last. In fact, the origin of paying someone in your community for the use of something, be it equipment, vehicles, RVs […]

Rent Anything Marketplace Ruckify Acquires Ruckify RV

The world’s largest rental marketplace to add RV rentals to their portfolio November 8th, 2019 – Ruckify, the community marketplace for everything rentals, today announced that they have acquired Wheel Estate. Ruckify, which has been called “The Airbnb of things” by media and the press, allows community members to save time and money renting just […]