Stories From The Ruckify Community: Special Moments Wedding Services

She said YES!! …now what? The bride (or groom!) has said, “YES!” Now that the couple is officially engaged, it’s time to start planning the wedding. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the decisions to be made and details to be finalized. But this couple doesn’t have to sweat it (too much) because they […]

Stories From The Ruckify Community: The Costume Shoppe

Dressing up isn’t just for Halloween anymore! — The practice has evolved into a year-round phenomenon for both children and adults. We see costume themes popping up at more and more corporate and private events. This trend has been a driving force for Ryan Schoel’s Calgary shop and the party rental industry as a whole.  […]

Stories From The Ruckify Community: Khoi Learns Guitar

This is Khoi… Khoi wanted to rent a guitar.  Khoi downloaded the Ruckify app while on-the-go and searched the marketplace to find what he needed!  This is Adrienne… Adrienne has guitars in her RuckifyStore. Adrienne had all kinds of music gear in her RuckifyStore including a guitar that was perfect for Khoi. As a musician, […]

Stories From The Ruckify Community: Final Pass Pro Shop

Kevin is the face behind Final Pass RuckifyStore! Ruckify sat down with him to discuss the positive impact our rental community has had on his business. “I learned about Ruckify two years ago, and I was really excited for their launch so that I could come on board and start using my rental services with […]

Everything, Anytime – Even The Extreme! An Interview With The Amazing Carbone

It was a misty fall day, the perfect setting for our interview with “The Amazing Carbone”. A champion of Ruckify, Joseph Carbonetto is the owner of Intenseffex and is Stittsville’s resident spook show mastermind.  Paige and I stood outside Joseph’s remarkable house, wondering what sort of adventure we had gotten ourselves into. After a long […]