Camp in Style in One of These Unique Trailer Rentals!

From some amazingly futuristic RVs, fully-equipped 5th Wheelers, cool toy haulers, space-age teardrops, modern-day travel trailers and retro-inspired ones, Ruckify has them all. Whether you’re  a first-time renter, an occasional RVer, or a seasoned camper, getting a trailer in your ideal budget, size or style isn’t a hassle.

All you need to do is simply search the availability of your favorite RV, rent a trailer, and have the adventure of a lifetime!

What is Ruckify?

Ruckify is the world’s largest peer-to-peer rental marketplace that enables you to share items within your community. As a Renter, Ruckify gives you access to anything you might need to use temporarily for an event, project, or hobby. As an owner, you are given the opportunity to post any of your items on Ruckify to earn money or start your very own side-hustle!

What are the best Trailer Rentals on Ruckify?

Photo Booth with Operator

There’s no better way to capture all those beautiful moments away from home than with a rental trailer that’s colorfully decorated with all the exciting props. Perfect for a group camp, this teardrop-shaped trailer is big enough to accommodate up to 15 adults.

It comes with a professional-grade camera, a printer, and a wide-angle lens to capture photos and videos in HD. The trailer is so easy to transport as it only needs to be attached to an SUV and towed away. The best part about this trailer is the fact that it is perfect for an exciting weekend getaway.

Rental costs of this Photo Booth travel trailer include the operator. For just $350 an hour, and a base minimum of $700, you are guaranteed of renting this trailer.

Custom Built Teardrop

As the name  suggests, this Custom Built Teardrop is an unconventional travel trailer. It is a 6′ wide 8′ long, stylish, and beautifully unique travel trailer that can comfortably accommodate two adults and a kid, all in the built-in double-sized bed and the little kid’s sleeping pad at the back.

This Custom Built Teardrop trailer’s interior is thick and well-insulated and even features a heater, a fan, exotic hardwood flooring, and an optional AC module. Additionally, this trailer features a storage box, LED lights, two doors, convenient dual USB Phone charger ports, and a double-sized household mattress.

It can be towed by a midsize car, a van, or even an SUV. And for epic summer or winter camps, perhaps a week-long outing, this trailer will most definitely come in handy. It is fully-stocked and includes bedding, cutlery, BBQ, and even a camping stove among other necessities.

Rental costs vary. For a night, it costs CAD $70 and CAD $400 for a week, but for a month, one will have to pay CAD $1000.

A-Frame Trailer – a Folding Travel Trailer

At a glance, you are more likely to mistake this trailer for an ordinary boxy, gear-hauling trailer. However, it isn’t. This adventure-oriented hauler is feature-rich and is as exciting as it looks! The upper roomy end is even foldable for easy towing.

This hugely popular 2016 Viking V12 RSST is mostly admired because of its easy towing, fast set up and better protection. Whether you are caught up in the harsh winter, torrential rainstorms, or super-hot summer heat, this trailer isn’t canvass-made, thus cozy and perfect for all weather conditions!

Incredibly, it is fitted with a hot-water heater, a sink with a stove, a fridge, dual propane tank, and an 80W solar panel connected to a 12V battery. It also comes with a sofa that converts into a bed, and a dinette that also converts into a bed.

The best part of this travel trailer is its sheer size. It’s so big, it can comfortably accommodate two adults and two kids. You can tow it using an ordinary car, a van, or an SUV. For a night, it only costs CAD $95, while booking it for one week, one will have to pay CAD $570. However, you can only book when it is available, and Ruckify’s booking calendar makes it super simple.

Ruckify has a large collection of trailers and RVs for rent including conventional travel trailers, 5th wheelers, pop-ups, truck campers, toy haulers, and so many more! Picking the perfect trailer or RV for your next getaway is a breeze! You can choose based on its reviews, rating, reputation, price, or even its location. Click here to find the perfect RV for your next adventure.

If you own a trailer and it isn’t fetching you enough cash, or it’s been lying idle for a while, Ruckify is there to help you earn more Money! Just post your trailers or RV on Ruckify, take a few photos and list its features, and wait for the bookings to roll in! Click here to learn more about posting your RV on Ruckify.

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