Calling All Musicians!

By Izzy Sicoli

Having music in your life is very important. Music has the ability to raise someone’s mood, or feel calm and relaxed. It allows us to feel all the emotions we experience in our everyday lives.

One of the brilliant things about playing an instrument is that it opens up a whole new world of experience. This further enhances the mind, physical condition, and expression. Music connects us to how we feel as humans and allows us to feel understood.

Whether you play an instrument or just like listening to music, it is important for us as humans to have this kind of connection in our lives.

An Expensive Hobby

Although it is an enjoyable hobby, music can be expensive. Buying an instrument is often a lot of money. Plus, what if you’re just starting out and you end up not liking the instrument? This could end up being a problem, as it is hard to return instruments once we have purchased them.

For example, if you’re learning to play the piano or already are an experienced musician, music tends to cost a lot. Someone who aspires to play the piano or any other instrument has to be prepared for the price.

Sheet music and instruments are quite expensive when you’re just starting out. In general, most people can’t afford to buy instruments to practice or try out for the first time.

What Is Ruckify, and How Can We Help?

Ruckify is the world’s largest peer-to-peer marketplace. Ruckify allows the community to share and access rentable items online. On Ruckify, you can rent anything from anyone without buying it.

By choosing to rent from Ruckify, you will save yourself from spending unnecessary money due to purchasing an item. Ruckify offers a unique opportunity to rent instruments from others and posting already owned instruments into the marketplace for people to rent.

If you are interested in playing an instrument or trying a new hobby, Ruckify is the perfect solution! Ruckify offers piano rentals, guitar rentals, and much more! By choosing Ruckify, you won’t ever have to worry about purchasing the wrong item or feel the guilt of wasting money on something you thought you would like.

By renting an instrument on Ruckify you can try out a new hobby. If you don’t like the result, that is okay, as you will be able to return it to the person you rented from!

How Can You Post Your Instruments?

Are you a musician who doesn’t use their instruments? Or, are you just someone who has these instruments in your house and doesn’t know what to do with them? Whatever the case may be, you may now post your instruments online! This will encourage others to rent out your instruments and you will also generate a source of income. 

It is important to rent first before buying, as it is better for the environment and economy.  By renting out your instruments, you will help someone else access an instrument as well as helping the environment.


Therefore, if you are interested in starting a new musical hobby, it is better to rent an instrument off of Ruckify first. By renting an instrument, you will be a part of the sharing economy and help others generate a source of income during the pandemic.

By renting an instrument, you will also have access to someone who knows how to play it.  Perhaps if you get lucky, they will give you lessons! This could not be done by purchasing an instrument which is why renting from Ruckify is more beneficial!

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