Beat the Heat with Ruckify

Written By: Izzy Sicoli

This summer, across North America, the heat and humid X have been insane. This includes the scorching summer sun, burning pavement and sticky sweat.

Widespread above-average temperatures and at times stifling humidity are expected across the majority of North America. This summer, many people will face extreme dehydration and exhaustion. June was hot, but July is predicted to be much hotter.

This unusual weather pattern is what many meteorologists call “potentially historic heat” meaning that humidity and weather temperatures will be at their extremes. Hence, staying cool proves to be a challenge for many of us.

By continuing to read this article, we will give you some tips on how to beat the heat and stay cool this summer!

What is Ruckify?

Ruckify is the world’s largest online peer-to-peer rental marketplace. It empowers its members to embrace the sharing economy and leave unnecessary purchases behind.

Ruckify is designed with both people and businesses in mind. Anyone can post their items on Ruckify for people in their community to rent. Ruckify allows the sharing economy to grow and allow others to create their own side-hustle with unused items.

You can rent anything on Ruckify’s rent everything app!

What Rentals can help you beat the Heat?

With Ruckify’s peer-to-peer rental marketplace, you and your family will beat the heat! Kids get warm easily, and you can change that by renting out our inflatable pools.

Maybe you don’t want to rent an inflatable pool, well you can also rent misting fans and AC! With Ruckify’s rent anything app, you can acquire rentals to help you and your family adjust to the unbearable heat. What if you want to host a party with some friends?

We know that it’s boiling outside, but you can still host gatherings! With our margarita machine and ice cream maker, your friends will always want to hang out at your house!

Check out our rent everything app today to see just what exactly we’re talking about! All of your heat worries will be solved this summer with our help!

Posting your items on Ruckify

Not everyone wants to rent items, sometimes you just want to get rid of your own items. On Ruckify, you can post your unused items online for others to rent.

This will give you the opportunity to earn extra income. Posting your items on Ruckify’s rent anything app will allow others to rent these items from you and you will be able to help others with your unwanted items.

Saving the planet with Ruckify

The weather this summer across North America is supposed to be exceedingly hot. To avoid this, you can also help save the planet. By taking care of the earth, global warming and climate change will improve.

However, you won’t notice a difference right away, instead, you must continue to care for the environment in order to expect a change in your lives. Ruckify allows us to rent items and share them as a community. Renting gives us the opportunity to prevent climate change as it is better for the environment as opposed to buying.

Ruckify also plants a tree for every sign-up and app transaction. With Ruckify, you can save the planet one rental at a time!


By reading this blog, we have given you tips on how to stay cool this summer. You can rent items on our website, post your own items, and save the planet with us! We’re giving you an amazing opportunity to change your life!

Ruckify allows you to grow as a person and a community. Join Ruckify today, or tell your friends what we’re all about. This summer, you can definitely beat the heat!

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